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Doctor's Release question

Hi!  Ink-still-wet LMT here...

I was taught that if someone is "under a doctor's care" you get a release from that doctor before putting them on your table.

Dialysis would seem to count as "Doctor's Care", would it not?

So the guy that just hung up on me when I said I'd be glad to send him a release form for his physician to sign...
I'm thinking he knows the doc wouldn't sign it, maybe?  And I'm pretty sure I'd be scared to work on him.  M-I-L died of kidney failure and she waited too long to start the dialysis, and.... 

Anyhow, AM I wrong to think that yes, I'd need a release form in this case?

I'm in Missouri, if that makes a difference.

(NCBTMB certified, member ABMP)

how to work with cystic acne

Hi there! I'm a new massage student about half way through the Semester I program at Lauterstein-Conway in Austin, TX. I have a question around how to massage a client with cystic back and arm acne. I'm worried about them being uncomfortable or in mild pain from my hand pressure on the inflamed skin. I think it would be best to use a gel lubricant to avoid adding excess oil to the back. Any other thoughts or tips from those of you who have encountered this?
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How do you build your client base? Do you advertise in newspapers/online or do you do referrals? Do you ind marketing yourself hard to do?

I am horrible at marketing. I work out of my home for the most part (and in a salon in San Francisco whenever there's work, but that's another story.) and I am weary about letting just anyone into my home. I like to have some sort of connection to the person who gets a massage. I have had good luck advertising at Curves. (They are actually the group I want as clients... women.)

How do you handle the "raised eyebrow" response when you tell someone you're a massage therapist? Have you refrained from using "masseuse"?

Oh, and do you prefer working on men or women... or does it not matter to you?

(Like a dork I posted this in my journal by mistake instead of in here...hehe)