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Spina Bifida Occulta and Scoliosis

Hello! Alright, this is my first post here, and I come bearing questions:

I have a friend who has spina bifida occulta, as well as scoliosis in her lower back. I'm not a massage therapist, nor do I expect to be able to help her on my own with any physical therapy she's doing or will be doing (at least not until I've actually gone to school for massage); I'm simply here for a few tips.

I want to be able to give her basic massages, as I know she has a lot of back pain, but I want to be sure I won't hurt her. Does anyone have any tips as to how much pressure is too much to be safe, specific spots I should avoid, or motions that should be avoided? Anything like that would be greatly appreciated!

Massage Therapists end up with chronic pain?

Isn't massage therapy a profession where it's easy to contract carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bulging discs/ruptured discs/pinched nerve/herniated disc, and all that other bad stuff? A massage therapist must work one patient after another every (work) day for years. Surely, this causes problems in the long run?

A physical therapist I used to go to who also did messages told me that he has a neck problem himself from accumulated repetitive stress throughout the years in doing massage. He occasionally goes swimming to relax.

A former masseur(well, I dunno what to call him. His kinda treatment was weird. A combination of massage, chiropractic adjustment, and acupressure), who was also shaolin kung-fu master, told me had to do certain exercises every day, swam every other day at the YMCA, and learn how to breathe properly(through the stomach. Also something they learn in shaolin martial arts I guess.) He said most normal people, if doing the same kind of treatment he does, would easily get hurt. Breathing properly was most important he says.

A former accupressurist I used to see also emphasized breathing properly or she'd be in serious pain herself from giving hardcore accupressure treatment every day. She called it 気/ki/chi/qi.

So do you guys going to school to learn massage therapy know about these things? Have such thoughts even crossed your mind?