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A bit of help/advice, please.

So I got a job doing massage in a chiropractic office. He's just setting up the massage part of his business, so I have to(get to!!) do all of the product ordering and things like that. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a place to get sheets. Is there a way to buy in bulk and get them cheaper? Or should I go for massagewarehouse and buy them in single sets? And also, should I propose the idea of getting a cleaning service? Seems like the best way to go. That's my biggest worry. Anything little random stuff that I might need? There's a table, disposable face cradle covers, oil...I have my own aromatherapy stuff and music. Other ideas??? Thanks for the help!! This is my first massage job, after 3 months of searching. I want to get it all right. Okay, thanks again!!