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NCBTMB Cont ed credits can be carried over

I got the NCBTMB In Touch newsletter yesterday.
One of the pieces of info inside is that you can carry over 12 hours of recertification credits from one certification cycle to the next. In order for these recertification credits to be carried over and accepted at the time an application for recertification is submitted, a certificant must have received pre-approval by NCBTMB.

The form is located on page 16 of the Requirements for Recertification Handbook.

This is from the Winter 2007 newsletter.
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Cranio-Sacral Therapy

So, i had a massage interview for a chiropractic office yesterday(and landed it, booyah!). But in chatting with the chiropractor, he mentioned cranio-sacral therapy and had nothing but good things to say about it.

This seriously keeps coming up for me so I'm curious to learn more about it now. Anyone practice this type of therapy? Know anyone who does? What sort of results do you see? How much does it cost to be trained typically(and how long)? Is it worth it?
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Massage CEU's

Has anyone here baught anything from www.massagevideosales.com?  I was just curious of their reputation with others in the field.  I have to complete a huge amount of hours for various national organizations to continue membership, etc, blah, blah.... and found they have a single course that would do the trick for everyone.  I just wanted to know about the reputation.

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I added another continuting education site to the info page.
Health Positive

I got a postcard from them in the mail, they are offering a free course (less than 8 hr) with the purchase of a 10+ contact hour course. You can call them at 1-888-797-5594. Free course with "code 227"

They are approved by NCBTMB