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NCBTMB Cont ed credits can be carried over

I got the NCBTMB In Touch newsletter yesterday.
One of the pieces of info inside is that you can carry over 12 hours of recertification credits from one certification cycle to the next. In order for these recertification credits to be carried over and accepted at the time an application for recertification is submitted, a certificant must have received pre-approval by NCBTMB.

The form is located on page 16 of the Requirements for Recertification Handbook.

This is from the Winter 2007 newsletter.


So I decided to schedule my National Cert test for tomorrow at 2pm. I don't have any study guides and only the sample questions from the application. Could anyone shed a little light on what is focused on a lot in the Western test? Are the O's I's and A's very specific? etc.

I have so much that I could study and I just don't know here to start or what to learn more.


Massage License

Hey Everyone

I was just wondering if any of you massage therapist out there live in Minnesota or Tennessee, and if so, what are the requirements for massage license's there? I'm a licensed massage therapist in Ohio and Wisconsin and just wondered if I would have to do any extra testing or whatever in those 2 states. (I'm going to be moving to either one by the end of the summer probably)

Thanks for your help!