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Black & Blue

Annual AMTA Meeting in Michigan

Well, I've finally wound down from a most amazing first-time AMTA meeting this past weekend. The speaker was Dr. Ben Benjamin, who has his Ph.D in Sports Medicine. His seminar was on common injuries of the neck (TP7 Ligament), shoulder (subscapularis tendon) and elbow (tennis elbow.) Although I am only halfway through my first year of massage school, I got quite a lot out of the seminar on Saturday, especially the palpation skills. Once you know your way around the body, it's quite easy to find these areas on almost any individual.

After the seminar, which my mother and I both attended, there was an AMTA dinner which was wonderful, and Ben actually came and sat with us at our table! I kept telling my mom all the way through dinner that I wanted to BE him, to have his knowledge and expertise...I feel giddy just typing that. So, we got to talk to him about his studies with Dr. Cyriax, among other things like Ben's clinic in New York.

After the dinner, there was a raffle for all kinds of things: Gallons of massage lotion, posters, instructional tapes by Benny Vaughn, business card holders, t-shirts etc. My mom bought $25 worth of those raffle tickets, along with $15 worth of the grand prize raffle tickets. The two grand prizes were: the set of Travell and Simons' Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction books worth between $250 and $300 (they are out of print) and a $795 Upledger Course gift certificate.

Out of about 30 door prizes, my mother and I won 6 times and my mom even gave up one of her wins because she thought we were winning too much! So SEVEN times! We picked out 3 of Benny Vaughn's NeuroKinetic tapes: Arm & Leg, Thigh, and Neck & Back, a set of "What you can expect for your first massage" Brochures, a Bodies in Motion Poster, and something else that my mom won, but I can't remember what.

We won both grand prizes. Seriously. I couldn't believe it! I won the books, and my mom won the Upledger course certificate. I was stunned. I thought that everyone would hate us for winning so many times, but everyone was really happy for us. I couldn't believe it. It was an amazing night that reaffirmed that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.

Sunday morning we began ethics which was very enlightening, we discussed mainly communication, and ways to dissect verbal interaction and interpret the categories of speech to better get an idea of what the conversation is REALLY about. I will definitely be putting these skills to good use.

I also got to attend my first AMTA meeting. Even as a silent observer, I felt like a member, and as soon as I can, I will sign up to be a student member. I am so excited about this wonderful career that I'm going into and I look forward to growing with, and because of, this field.

NCBTMB Cont ed credits can be carried over

I got the NCBTMB In Touch newsletter yesterday.
One of the pieces of info inside is that you can carry over 12 hours of recertification credits from one certification cycle to the next. In order for these recertification credits to be carried over and accepted at the time an application for recertification is submitted, a certificant must have received pre-approval by NCBTMB.

The form is located on page 16 of the Requirements for Recertification Handbook.

This is from the Winter 2007 newsletter.

Liability Insurance

My liability insurance will be expiring soon from ABMP, and I'm currently in a delima, and would love any input.

As you all know, I'm one of the lucky ones to work in Minnesota where I work under a Freedom of Access state law, so I don't have to be licensed as a complementary or alternative health provider. Most folks who know me on this list know that I'm fairly outspoken against the AMTA, NCBTMB, and I think that licensing Massage Therapy the way we do it now is horrible. I'm not against licensure or certification completely, but I do think that the NCBTMB is COMPLETELY out of touch with reality as far as what should be acceptable for an entry level license.

So..my insurance...

I've recently read that the Liability Insurance from the International Association of Reiki Practitioners (IARP) covers other modalities such as acupressure, massage, etc, so long as you are working within your local and state laws and can legally practice, as well as within your education and training.

I've been a little disheartened with ABMP over the years. Sometimes Massage and Bodywork Magazine makes me roll my eyes with it's stock photography and overly female centric marketing image. Even their articles about male massage therapists just seem very watered down to me. Then there is the issue of ABMP being an advocate for state licensure in places that don't have it currently. I don't feel like spending money for them to someday try to tell me that now that I've been working for 6 years, that I need to comply with all of NCBTMB's arbitrary and costly hoops and requirements just to be able to take their test and pay a lot of money to be licensed.

So I may jump ship and pay a little more for the liability insurance with IARP. I've always wanted to grow my reiki practice as well, and they may have more resources to get me there. They have a very similar code of ethics, along with insurance for personal property. And they don't seem to have a political agenda to lobby for state licensing.

I'm on the fence about renewing with ABMP or not. Does anyone else use liability insurance not from ABMP or AMTA? What other options are out there that folks have been happy with?


I am interested in the opinions of those on this list in regard to Massage associations. I am most familiar with AMTA and ABMP. Does one have a better reputation than the other? Can you be a member of both, should you be a member of both? Are there other organizations/associations? I am a licensed massage therapist and a licensed esthetician, however for the meantime I have decided to focus on being a massage therapist. All opinions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!