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Massage Therapists

Don't Call Me a Masseuse!

A Community For Massage Therapists, Students
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This is a community for Massage Therapists, or people going to school for Massage Therapy.

If you are a student, or thinking about going to school for massage therapy, feel free to ask questions here!

There are no real rules here, just be respectful of your fellow members. Please do not delete any comments in entries. If you disagree with someone's view, please do it respectfully. Not everyone has the exact same view, which makes this a great community for discussion, not arguing! Thanks :)

Useful Links:
Tags used in entries
Ancient Healing Arts Assoc (AHAA)-providing General/Professional Liability programs, Health Benefits, and Life Insurance for them and their family.
Useful links about licensure
Klecka Naturals Organic Massage Oils
College of Massage Therapy of BC
Massage Therapists Association of BC
College of Massage Therapists of Ontario
Ontario Massage Therapist Association
Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance
Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association
Continuing Education by Video Integrative-Healthcare.com
Heath Positive
Associate Bodywork & Massage Professionals ABMP
American Massage Therapy Association AMTA
National Certification Board For Massage and Bodywork ncbtmb
Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA
Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation COMTA
Schools that are Accredited School List
Personal Marketing Materials Info for People
State Requirements to be a Therapist Scroll down a bit to see
Laws & Regulations for US & Canada Massagemag.com

Toxins in Personal Care and Massage Therapy Products part 1 by Richard Klecka
Part 2