chaoslillith (chaoslillith) wrote in _massagetherapy,

Now really!!! NCBTMB question

Hello all,

I just purchased some flahscards that stated they covered "all the important things you need" for the test from Morrison Media. Much of the stuff is quite useful but I really have to ask this. They have cards on pathology and I cannot quite accept that as a massage therapist I will need to know the chemical make up of drugs, the response to a blood vessel injury " Endothelial retraction fo infured vessel results in subendothelial collagen exposure.,.." or obscure health issues.

Did any of you who have taken the test have questions that related to any of this stuff. I am not planning to study much on the pathlolgy as it is only 12% of the subject matter but some of this other stuff has me wondering. It has me wondering if these people who make these study guides are full of crap.
Tags: national exam, ncbtmb

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