Christina Cathleen (rhetoricfem) wrote in _massagetherapy,
Christina Cathleen

Committing to Massage Therapy

Greetings and Salutations,

I have a question for you all, though there was also a similar question posted here not too long ago.  I wanted to know, if you can put a finger on it, what was the deciding factor(s) that pushed you toward an education in massage therapy?

I ask, because at the moment, I believe I'm nearing such a decision myself. So I'm just interested in what did it for other people. Up until this semester I've been working toward my B.A. in journalism, but still have a way to go. I'm not deterred from the academic life, but just need that change of pace.

A few years back I considered seriously considered massage therapy, but put all schooling on hold at the time due to starting a family and military travels. Fast forward to now. Hubs just left a few weeks ago for a deployment, our kiddos are three years and 18 months old, I've got a full course load, and just spent the past week-and-a-half at the cardiologist being tested for heart problems. Thankfully, it was concluded that I'm overall healthy, save for stress and anxiety bad enough that I now have frequent heart palpitations...

Now I'm doing the paperwork to drop this semester and just focus on my kiddos until Hubs gets back around the holidays. Somewhere during the questioning-of-my-health-and-well-being ordeal, I began rethinking my priorities in life. While writing has always been a huge part of my life (and always will be), and journalism for many years a passion, I know how I function, and feel that I am more than likely to not only keep stress on myself, but unintentionally put more focus on challenging/joyful work than my family. Re-enter massage therapy into the picture. Now, I'm not discounting the hard work, physical/emotional/mental duress that goes into this field. I just feel like it would be a better fit for where I am in life these days. I feel like I would do a better job as a parent/professional/human being if I were to enter this field, and am sure I could be happy doing it. I think one of the first times I really appreciated what touch can do for a person was when my father was in the hospital with cancer, and the way he responded to my giving him back rubs, or simply lightly running fingertips up and down his back for him. That was probably the beginning of the contemplation for me.

So yeah. I won't spill the rest of my life story, but I just thought I'd provide a bit of background on why I'm thinking this over. I think I'm just trying to comfort myself through other peoples' experiences, because I'd like to start school for massage therapy this January, and not only is it a chunk of time away from my kiddos, but it's also a good bit of money. While this doesn't feel like a brash decision, I'm still immersing myself in research and community wherever possible. ;) 

Thanks for reading. Take care!

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