aytherestherub (aytherestherub) wrote in _massagetherapy,

Aveda Blue Oil

I work in an Aveda spa on weekends and they are always ordering new aromatherapy oils and other stuff that I like. These things just show up in my room!

Last week Aveda blue oil showed up in my room. I would like to know how to use it. There are no ingredients or instructions on the bottle, and all I can find online is that it is good for relieving tension and headaches.

I am guessing that you apply it locally, as it smells/seems strong for a person to be bathed in (plus it's like $64 for a small bottle!). How small an area should you apply it to?

Or is it supposed to be mixed with a base oil/lotion?

What does it do exactly?

How many drops do you use?

What are contraindications/anything else I should know?

What would you call a massage with blue oil? A blue oil massage? Haha.

Thank you!

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