Lokai (bliss089) wrote in _massagetherapy,

Getting started


I am curious in starting a career in the massage therapy field and have a couple of questions.

1. When looking for a school, what should someone be looking for? This is where I plan to go: http://east-westschool.com/home/
2. I plan on getting my education in IA, then move to PA to start my career. How would that transition work as far as licensing goes? Is this not a wise choice?

My family lives in PA and I've found a nice school here and would like to continuing working at my job until I am ready to move and save up money...all that good stuff. I'm 21 and haven't been in college for about 3 years. I only went to community college for a year in Gen Ed.

Also, any other tips or any thing at all regarding starting an education in massage therapy would be great. I would be glad to take opinions from professionals :).

Thanks a bunch!
Tags: licensing, schools

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