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hi all!

i'm about to finish a 500-hour program at the lauterstein-conway school of massage in austin, texas. the state recently changed the laws relating to massage therapy and did away with its state exam. i have the option to take either the ncbtmb or mblex to get licensed.

i'm leaning towards the mblex because i've heard so much about annoying natcert politics, their propensity for losing people's applications, and the fact that i don't feel prepared for the asian bodywork questions on their exam. all the topics listed on the mblex are familiar to me, on the other hand.

are there any compelling reasons to take the ncbtmb instead? (i don't really care about being able to put "nationally certified" on my marketing.)

also, does anyone know of a good study guide for the mblex?

Tags: national exam, ncbtmb

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