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Let the Man Speak

Masculinism: Discuss Gender Roles & Men's Issues
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masculinism-n. advocacy of male superiority or dominance
feminism-n. 1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2 : organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests

Do you see a problem with the discrepancy in the definition of these terms? This community may be for you. This community is a place for the interested to speak out about gender roles, but the emphasis lies on men's issues in, primarily Western, society. This community is also a place for the critique of feminism and radical feminist thought. It is for a discussion of the extent of male privilege. Discuss why it should or should not exist and the degree to which it still exists. Solutions may be posed for problems with subsequent discussion. This is a place to examine supposed facts of gender difference and discuss why these are un/necessary for society. This is also a place for opinion.


1. You will respect everyone in your words, regardless of your thoughts.

2. I will not tolerate any gender-bashing.

3. Do not advertise for communities irrelevant to this one.

4. If you post something impertinent to the community, it will be erased.

5. When debating, please do not use logical fallacies. I'll call you out.

6. Please try not to be bitter or self righteous. It annoys me.

7. Stay involved.