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What are the Valid Issues of Feminism?

I am sure that there are individuals who could populate a list with two hundred items, but I am not aware of many which I consider valid. If I leave something out that you think important, then please comment.

1. Victim fault psychology.
Those that perpetrate rape bear the guilt of the crime, but this is often not the mentality of jurors and, many times, the victims themselves. Individuals and groups in this society, as well as others, are mistaught concerning what a woman's dress or affections imply or "allow," therefore scantily clad women are thought to blame for sexual harrassments or assaults that they may suffer. Dress realistically implies nothing and physical contact with someone is only allowable if permitted by that person. In addition to subjecting the victim to another crime, victim fault psychology prevalent in our judicial and social systems eliminate the responsibility that comes with moral agency. Rather than being treated as a man/woman(yes, women sometimes rape women), the criminal becomes, to their advantage, an animal forced by the hand of lust, exacerbated by the victim's immodesty. In this way is the criminal made irresponsible, as if criminally insane. People are responsible for each of their actions, despite whatever supposed influences are present. This should not be denied. Ever.

2. Equal pay and career double standardism.
This takes no thought whatever. Two jobs of the same responsibility done to the same standard by individuals of the same education level should be rewarded equally. Nothing about the individuals doing the work matters. Period. Women who pursue a career instead of a family are sometimes looked down upon and communications between men and women versus men and men or women and woman are sometimes skewed in women's disfavor because of differences in the social structure of how women and men usually communicate. For example, a woman leaning in and touching when talking to a woman is ok, but her actions may be judged as "flirting" if she communicates with a male in the same way despite the probable lack of romantic intent. Personal note: I think corporations should hire social psychologists and sociologists to form a "professional code of conduct" which balances both systems of communication so that misunderstandings will be lessened.

3. Objectification of women in media.
Women are equal to men in their ability to think, in their free moral agency, in their humanity. Women are not objects of desire or paragons of passion or anything else so extreme and inflexible. They are females, designed to complement males perfectly. Women are perfectly human and should not be thought less so. No, I am not asserting that men are impervious to objectification, but, as I understand, that is not a concern of feminism. My view, for the record, is that neither sex should be objectified.

4. Murder of female infants and genital mutilation.
Many female children in China and other countries are murdered simply because there is a prevalent view in those countries that males are superior. There should be no question here as to why this is a concern. Genital mutilation is still imposed upon young girls of a few peoples in Africa before they can even object. If you don't know what female circumcision is, I suggest that you google it. It bears little resemblance to the custom of circumcising male children which is oft practiced in the US. No person should be deprived choice concerning something so life-affective as this. The women in these groups are not allowed to choose.

5. Sexism.
Neither sex is better than the other. They are different, but they are equally valuable. However, sexism is a common system of poisoned thought in this country, along with racism, and classism.

That is all I have as issues I see as valid in feminism. My next post will concern what I view as ridiculous/horrendous/unrealistic/illogical in the feminist agenda, deo volente.

Be well and peaceful.


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