Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in _masculinists_,
Kipling's Cat

What's wrong with feminism?

I recall that our mod was going to post on this topic -
but let me give you my take on it.

1) "It is not our job to educate you".

of course it is - if you are serious about social change, you have to talk about it and argue against the detractors.
Greenpeace, the Fair Trade Movement, Pro Israel or Pro Palestinians - they will all tell you all you want to know about their position and why you should join them. Only feminists operate inside the "if you don't already know AND ACCEPT WHAT WE SAY, then you ought to" bubble. Ok, other advocates for other causes are getting on the bandwagon , but I recall the Feminists getting in first - and it is dead wrong.

You believe something? then it is *your* job to convince *me* - don't expect me to say "gee, you must be right , let me go look up some supporting evidence.

2) Raising woman up does not have to entail tearing men down.
A lot of feminists say thay have not got Pat Boxall's attitude. No sir.
Me, I will believe it when I see it happen. to be honest, a lot of feminists *are* Okay about men - actually like and encourage male company. they will even say that society is unfair to men in some ways. And this , I notice, will spark several other feminists off into saying that women like that "are not real feminists".

3) Social change is not a 'women's issue'.
It belongs to everyone. What is with calling it 'womens studies'?
Isn't 'gender studies' more appropriate? if you think that most (or even some ) women do not get paid as much as men - and that this is unfair, then do you have to be female to point this out? Too find out and say so? Of course not!
And yet this empahasis on it being about women and only women is something that isn't helping women get anywhere.

It is, to be frank, beginning to look as if feminism is simply a glorified ' sulk session' by certain academics. Ok, maybe more men than women get into the top positions in society. but, as someone who isn't a CEO myself, what the hell has it got to do with me?

the real cutting edge movements that are making change are those that welcome both sexes and preach a message. The Trade Unions, the ecologists and reformers of every stripe are not interested in what is ' wrong' with you. Send a donation and a sign up form and you are in.

And yet some feminists wants to draw lines around who is and isn't 'a real feminist'.

Well, that will do for starters. Any other contributions, comments for or against, or feedback ' just to say hi' is more than welcome.

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