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The synthetic dream foundation [05 Sep 2010|12:42am]

THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION "they who breathe darkness"

Nuts and Bolts

Mythical records ---- Odyssey of rapture [16 Nov 2008|08:58pm]


Mythical records, is now taking pre-orders for their new compilation "Odyssey of Rapture" vol. 1. The album includes dark ambient and gothic neo-classical compositions by Abandoned Toys, Library Tapes, The synthetic dream foundation, Hannah Fury, Samantha Bouquin, and many more great composers/artists. The official release date is Dec. 10th 2008. The full track list includes:

1. David Reyes "The magic woods"
2. Library Tapes "The rivers turned to cobblestone"
3. Abandoned Toys "An expanding tremble"
4. Ephemeral Mists "A pale slumber"
5. Phanatos "Voyage (quest for the shores of aphrodite)"
6. Aranis "Vala"
7. The new pollutants "Kidnap theme"
8. Hana (Jeff Greinke & Anisa Romero) "Hide"
9. Michel Avannier "La rencontre"
10. The synthetic dream foundation w/ Hannah Fury "Trapeze"
11. MePhI "Crystal night"
12. Aonua "Spirit of the deep"
13. Fiona Joy Hawkins "Contemplating"
14. Samantha Bouquin "Tale for a sunken moon"
15. Scythelence "Transparent eyelids"
16. Enigma de Ultratumba "To my unrest"
17. Samanta Ray & Pete Ardron "Interuterion 3"
Nuts and Bolts

The synthetic dream foundation -- "Behind the gates of horn and ivory" [24 Apr 2008|06:09pm]

The synthetic dream foundation has a new album, entitled "Behind the gates of horn and ivory" coming out at the end of this month. The sound clips on their site sound phenomenal. Anyone else had a chance to listen to the sample mp3s yet? I think this is going to be the best TSDF album yet.
Nuts and Bolts

The synthetic dream foundation!!!!!! [13 Mar 2008|01:25pm]


The synthetic dream foundation has a track on their myspace page, called "Mordor". Does anyone know an album I can find this track on? thanks.
Nuts and Bolts

The synthetic dream foundation at TAMPA's EROTIC BALL [11 Apr 2007|12:51pm]

The synthetic dream foundation will be making a guest DJ appearance at Florida's largest fetish/adult event, the Tampa Erotic Ball. Sounds like an awesome event, that I'm planning on attending.

Nuts and Bolts



THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION has finally begun a "band" account on myspace in addition to their personal page on the site, and has uploaded a remix they did for In strict confidence on the page. Its well worth checking out the page to hear the song.

Nuts and Bolts


The synthetic dream foundation has a brand new track available for free download from their site, called "locust swarm". Fans of the dancier stuff from their latest cd "tendrils of pretty" will fall as deeply in love with this track as with the others. You can get the track for free from
Nuts and Bolts

hey guys! [11 Feb 2006|09:11pm]
Check out South Florida's best in industrial music, Staat Von Kreig. Click below to check out the band, and add the boys themselves. Enjoy!

1 Falling Apart :: Nuts and Bolts

The synthetic dream foundation - Tendrils of pretty !! [30 Dec 2005|08:49pm]


The synthetic dream foundation

has just released their new album, on mythical records. Its a beautiful fusion of dark classical music, ebm, psytrance, and dark ambient music. It features guest vocals by Summer Bowman (The machine in the garden), Hannah Fury, Aaminah kerdelen, Tamara Kent, and Samantha Bouqin. I highly recommend this album to everyone. Its one of the best releases, by far, for this scene in years. Stunning production levels, creative sound design, and masterful orchestration of song writing. This is a soon to be classic. More info is at

Mythical records
Nuts and Bolts

my mp3 [05 Nov 2005|11:54pm]

my mp3 are available at:

i'm interested in you opinion
Nuts and Bolts

time to break out the defribulators [04 Aug 2005|02:11am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

so is this community still alive? i noticed the maintainer deleted their journal. is anyone reading this anymore?

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pigface [23 Feb 2005|01:27pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

tight shit! anyone heard about the pigface tour in april their bringing HANIN FUCKING ELIAS. for all of u who dont know who she is , she was the female vocalist for atari teenage riot, one of the best fucking bands ever! theres a link to the tour page at the bottom look at the lineup. i highely recomend that u all check it out, the show is practically free. they refund your ticket money through free merchandise and the merchandise prices are not jacked up or anything..yea, this is definitely worth it. hope i can go.


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new [14 Feb 2005|01:50pm]

[ mood | bored ]

im in school, on a computer, i have a low grade in this class, and im bored so i joined and updated and im listening to music ....so yea thats pretty much it

Nuts and Bolts

THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION!!!! [07 Jan 2005|01:00pm]

[ mood | excited ]

The synthetic dream foundation is probably my favorite new school band, and finally after several months of silence, they have a new song posted on their website! Anyone who is interested in aggressive, and experimental styles of electronic music should definitely go download it immediately, as the song is pure brilliance! Its called "Plasma ring" and is an experimental EBM dance monster, with old school industrial sound elements. Its probably their "clubbiest" song ever, so I hope some local DJs take note, as I would LOVE to dance to this song on a loud sound system. You can grab this track from their site at

Nuts and Bolts

[09 Oct 2004|02:43am]

i've been watching this community for a while, and i just decided to join

i'll make sure to post some pictures or something one of these days
Nuts and Bolts

New Philadelphia industrial act. [25 Jun 2004|08:15am]

Brand spankin' new industrial-rock trio, Psychaesthetic, is proud to announce the completion and pre-order of new album "Infinity's end". I'm asking the members of maschineguns to check it out. If you don't like it, then that just sucks.

Nuts and Bolts

[11 Jun 2004|11:29pm]


Hello. This is my first post on here. Here's a picture of me my boyfriend took. I guess it counts under the intrest "fetish." Enjoy.  (sorry about the date being on the picture)

1 Falling Apart :: Nuts and Bolts

[31 May 2004|10:08pm]

If you like EBM/industrial/Synthpop, listen to this. It's a short clip of Stability, by my band, November Process :)


I also started the novemberprocess fan community...so if you have any feedback, join and talk about it!
Have fun!

15 Falling Apart :: Nuts and Bolts

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