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Mythical records ---- Odyssey of rapture

Mythical records, is now taking pre-orders for their new compilation "Odyssey of Rapture" vol. 1. The album includes dark ambient and gothic neo-classical compositions by Abandoned Toys, Library Tapes, The synthetic dream foundation, Hannah Fury, Samantha Bouquin, and many more great composers/artists. The official release date is Dec. 10th 2008. The full track list includes:

1. David Reyes "The magic woods"
2. Library Tapes "The rivers turned to cobblestone"
3. Abandoned Toys "An expanding tremble"
4. Ephemeral Mists "A pale slumber"
5. Phanatos "Voyage (quest for the shores of aphrodite)"
6. Aranis "Vala"
7. The new pollutants "Kidnap theme"
8. Hana (Jeff Greinke & Anisa Romero) "Hide"
9. Michel Avannier "La rencontre"
10. The synthetic dream foundation w/ Hannah Fury "Trapeze"
11. MePhI "Crystal night"
12. Aonua "Spirit of the deep"
13. Fiona Joy Hawkins "Contemplating"
14. Samantha Bouquin "Tale for a sunken moon"
15. Scythelence "Transparent eyelids"
16. Enigma de Ultratumba "To my unrest"
17. Samanta Ray & Pete Ardron "Interuterion 3"
goth, indie, gothic

The synthetic dream foundation - Tendrils of pretty !!

The synthetic dream foundation

has just released their new album, on mythical records. Its a beautiful fusion of dark classical music, ebm, psytrance, and dark ambient music. It features guest vocals by Summer Bowman (The machine in the garden), Hannah Fury, Aaminah kerdelen, Tamara Kent, and Samantha Bouqin. I highly recommend this album to everyone. Its one of the best releases, by far, for this scene in years. Stunning production levels, creative sound design, and masterful orchestration of song writing. This is a soon to be classic. More info is at

Mythical records