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The Martial Arts Forum

You Kick Ass? Really?

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Martial Arts Forum! If you do M.A., we want to know about it.

Here you can find: people to spar with in your area, news on tornaments, Dojo reviews, and you can ask for advice on technique.

After you register please post this form with your answers with in 48 hours:

1. What is your name/age/location?

2. What forms do you do? Why did you choose that form or forms?

3. Do you have a signiture move?

4. What Dojo?

5. Have any Belts? Do you compete?

6. Scale of 1-10 how passionate are you about fighting and why? Is it your life? Is it your path? Why are you here?

7. Looking For a Fight?

If you do not see a comment from a mod on your entry with in a week, odds are we didn't think you were in to it enough...

You can be banned from this comm by doing one or both of these things:

1. Pissing of a Mod. or someone we like
2. Making personal attacks on a member's LJ
3. Editing/ Deleting Posts.
4. And please, for the sake of my sanity, under no circumstances may you say that you "play" any Martial Art. Martial Arts are ancient and holy. We do not play them, we study them.


bellalunaariana is the senior mod here.
saki712 is the junior mod