J.A.C.K. Inc. Super Secret Ninja Force (alice_the_raven) wrote in _martial_arts,
J.A.C.K. Inc. Super Secret Ninja Force

Letting go to move forward

I was working on an Iaido waza (form) called Somakuri and I just couldn't get the yoko ichimonji (lateral cut).  My swing would rise at the end and not be a clean sideways cut.  I slowed it down until I got it correct and then just let it go and stopped that technique.  Then, it just came to me that I was only using my arms and not pivoting from the waist.  It was as if when I stopped thinking about it that the answer came to me naturally.

I had a moment in Kendo too where I was facing my sensei and gave up two points back to back.  I shrugged and told myself it would just be a learning experience and stopped trying to win.  I managed to come from behind and score four in a row.  I landing one tsuki (thrust to the throat) before I had even realized that I completed the attack. 
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