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I'm new to this community, but I miss talking about the Martial Arts with other people since I joined the Army, so I hope this will be the right place to 'hang out'.

1. What is your name/age/location?
Nik/20/Ft Bragg, NC

2. What forms do you do? Why did you choose that form or forms?
Kenpo- Unfortunately I haven't studied in quite some time, but this is my 'base' style. I always wanted to do Karate growing up, and a friend of my fathers taught me.
Goshin Ichimukusan Do- My older cousin took his 2 decades worth of Martial Arts training and created this style.  It's a fun style, and combines real life application and showmanship in a pretty balanced medium.
MACP (Modern Army Combatives Program)- I am proud to say that I am the youngest certified level 3 instructor in this US Army (there are 4 levels total).  After a decade of training in various styles, I was able to adapt to this combatives program very well.
I competed in a submission wrestling tournament here on post. After my shoulder injury heals (non-Martial Arts related), I hope to get back in and eventually take the All Army Combatives Championship Belt.

3. Do you have a signature move?
Spinning Hook Kick. Maybe not the most street pratical technique, but it's fun and it's powerful.

4. What Dojo?
any MACP Fight House on post

5. Have any Belts? Do you compete?
Kenpo - Blue Belt
Goshin Ichimukusan Do - Black Belt
Modern Army Combatives Program - Level 3

6. Scale of 1-10 how passionate are you about fighting and why? Is it your life? Is it your path? Why are you here?
10. From my very first Karate movie (Best of the Best 2) way back when I was only four years old, I KNEW that the Martial Arts were right for me. This way, this path; this is the one thing in my life that has remained consistent.  I'm not exactly sure what I set out looking for when I first stepped into the dojo, but whatever it is, I found it.

7. Looking For a Fight?
Haha, not at the moment. Let's wait until my shoulder surgery and recovery are through; after that, I'll be more than happy to go a round or two with you ;)
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