March 1st, 2016

Benefits of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves

There is a vast range of work out gear or apparel including shorts, hoodies, tops and shoes but weight lifting gloves are perhaps the most common protective gear used during exercise. Most of the trainers recommend wearing weight lifting gloves during work out, especially when it’s intense while others consider them only a distraction. Well, wearing gloves on hands is generally considered preferable than lifting weight with naked hands. Want to know why? Keep on reading.
Listed below are some common but important benefits of work out gloves.
Better grip
One of the most important benefits of weight lifting gloves is that they offer an improved grip. Holding heavy dumbbells, barbells and other training tools can be tough and for many can become slippery due to sweating causing poor grip strength. Weight lifting gloves are specifically designed to help provide firm grip on weight while lifting. With an improved grip, you can maximize your safety and be proficient.
Improved comfort
Another major point in favor of weight lifting gloves is that they are a lot more comfortable. Yes, weights can be rough and cold but wearing weight lifting gloves will help you resolve this problem and protect your hands, especially in cold weather.
Improved wrist support
Lifting weight increases work on muscles as well as expose the wrists to significant amount of stress. When it comes to tendons and ligaments in the wrists, gloves help avoid any damage to them. Supporting your wrists with gloves during weight lifting will help you exercise more efficiently.
Blisters and calluses prevention
Usually the handles of resistance training tools are rough and abrasive as they are made from strong metals, which cause calluses and blisters due to microbial infections. Workout gloves act as a protective barrier between hands and equipment and protect against skin irritants relieving skin discomfort.
Hand protection
Another important benefit of wearing weight lifting gloves during workout is that they provide joint and hand protection. Padding in the gloves absorbs the pressure and takes strain from hands. They work by dividing pressure on wrists and forearms instead of hands only.
Choosing weight lifting gloves
You can benefit from weight lifting gloves during workout only if you have selected the right type and size of gloves. Finger-less gloves with wrist wraps are usually most commonly used. Full-finger gloves are also used. If your wrists are weak, go for gloves with wrist wraps. The best pair of glove for you is the one that best fits your hand and you feel comfortable with it.
In a nut shell, there is a wide range of weight lifting gloves and only the pair that suits you best can provide you with the benefits.