November 30th, 2003

  • ary_

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1. What is your name/age/loation?

2. What forms do you do?
a)used to do silat and karate,but after recovery from injury, pursued taekwondo

3. Do you have a signiture move?
a)high turning kick

4. What Dojo?
A)sports team
5. Have any Belts? Do you compete?
a)yellow-green for taekwondo.yes i compete.

6. Scale of 1-10 how passionate are you about fighting and why? Is it your life? Is it your path? Why are you here?

a) one encouraged me to join in the first place. i motivated myself after watching tournaments.even my mum discourages me from it.
Even if i don't have a high rank belt, i am determined to fight my way to the top.i joined martial arts not to learn how to hurt others, i wanted to learn how to fend for myself.i am here because i think unarmed combat comes clean and so much better than street fighting.

7. Looking For a Fight?
a)i don't look for fights. i compete to gauge my ability, and i wouldn't fight unnecessarily.
i would only fight to defend.