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"Kiss in the rain."

Do you remember you and your husband's/wife's first kiss well? Where it was? How you felt?

My answer:

I was surprised at how long it took Darren and I to kiss, but he was waiting for that perfect moment. The night we first met he picked me up from the Rochester airport. It was a little over an hour from his home. We held hands in the car, and he picked my hand up and gave it little kisses. None of this felt weird to me at all, even though this WAS our first meeting. It was silly and sweet. We then stopped at a diner to grab some dinner before reaching our final destination.

After meeting his parents he showed me to the room I'd be sleeping in (his room). He would be sleeping on the couch the whole week I was there. We had so many opportunities to kiss, still he waited. I was beginning to wonder if maybe we wouldn't even kiss--even after all that talk on-line. haha! Then he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride so he could show me around. This was in upstate NY, in the month of January. It was freezing! I had never been exposed to weather like that.

He took me to this snow covered hill. We climbed this hill, which was overlooking a lake and a large span of land. It was so dark, so I couldn't really see much. I believe it was 13 below that night, so with that wind whipping by us up on the hill you can just imagine how cold it was. He opened up his jacket and I stuffed my arms in. He held me as I was shivering. Then I looked up to meet his eyes. We moved in for the kiss at the same time. It was no longer cold outside. All I felt was warmth. I forgot where I was, and all I could do was completely wrap myself up in that moment. This was the kind of kiss I had always DREAMED of. I was sick of my first kisses being on my front porch (or close to it). This guy wanted to sweep me off of my feet, and he succeeded!!!

Sorry if this is confusing.

I had a Supermom/worst mom ever moment today. How is this possible? Michael gave Erik a graham cracker stick and a piece of it broke off in his mouth and he choked. I flipped him over hit his back, shoved my finger down his throat and hit his back and then had gross oggies on my foot. But at least my son is alive.

Michael had a great first Father's day. I gave him a wall tile with Erik's foot print and he loved it.

I think I might be pregnant again. I've been having a lot of symptoms but in a week I'll take a test if my friend doesn't come to visit to tell my that I'm not. I've been on the pill for a few months, but with me after the 2nd month all symptoms are gone (I actually haven't had any side effects with this pill :)). I was also on an antibiotic and I'm not sure if it reduced the effectiveness of my pill (I can't remember the antibiotic, but I know it wasn't amoxicillen), no one mentioned anything about it, but I've had antibiotics that do mess with pills and still no one told me. If I am having another baby, Erik will be 16 or so months old when his little brother or sister (hopefully sister) is born. We are happy about the possibility of another baby, but aren't going to hold our breath about it. But in a week we'll know for sure.

On the flip side of things, I really love my husband. He took the baby to his brother house and left me all alone to have some time to myself. I vacuumed and had a nice bath.


Last night Chris and I were doing the dishes--I was washing and he was drying. I finished with a pot and said, "are you ready for this?" and then of course I got that song stuck in my head, "da da danananana da da...you all ready for this?! Let's get ready to rumble!!!!" So we were singing and dancing in the kitchen to that song, and then we were laughing and it was just cute.

Then we had to pack more. We finished all the plates, bowls, serving dishes and miscellaneous kitchen stuff, except for the toaster oven and utensils. That's tonight. It's hard to determine what needs to stay out for cooking and what can go in a box yet. I don't want to leave TOO much for Friday night, or we'll be up all night.

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Michael and I had an overnight get away last night. As a gift for Mother's day and Michael's birthday my best friend's Mom and her boyfriend paid for a room at a bed and breakfast in the mountains where they live. It was really so that they could "rent" their grandbaby (they are like another set of grandparents to Erik). The hosts were so wonderful and generous. Our room was so intimate and warm. We stayed up late watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on my laptop. We would have loved to be able to make love, but were far to tired. I even fell asleep during Star Trek. But it was just what we needed to relax and sleep past 630 in the morning. We were even treated to a wonderful breakfast. We drove up to Big Creek (a very small town where the Southern California Edison Co has a power house. If it were for Edison there wouldn't even be a Big Creek), it was beautiful.

Before we had Erik I had read so many times that children add stress to a marriage, but our marriage has been so enriched by Erik's presence that I wouldn't ever change it. Seeing Michael hold and interact with our son makes me love him so much. And this whole new side of Michael, the Father Side, is such a wonderful side of him. I love getting to know him. It almost feel like we're dating again. I sometimes get so giddy when I see him and I can't wait to see him and I want to everything I can to make him happy. I love being a housewife. I'm able to make my man happy and be with my baby all day. Couldn't have asked for a better job. It's hard some days, but totally worth it. But I digress. He totally surprises me sometimes. In the hospital he would just look at Erik and say "Honey, this is too precious". Michael brags all the time about Erik. I had no idea that he would have been like that. He wasn't like that in my pregnancy. I love that Michael can still surprise me. I was afraid that after a couple of years marriage would be boring. Total opposite.

Michael and I have been talking about renewing our vows on our 10th anniversary. I'm so excited. We went to the county clerk's office when we were married and had dinner at a Black Angus. But it would be nice to renew our commitment later down the road.

Men and Their Noises... You Gotta Love Them!

The other morning I woke up to my husband making this terrible noise. It sounded like he was snorting, coughing, blowing his nose, and hacking up a lung all at once... not the most pleasant thing to wake up to.

Now this is not uncommon for him. He does this every morning at about 5:30 a.m. I know because I wake up every time he does it. I finally decided to say something.

"You know a more effective way of doing that would be to get out of bed and blow your nose," I said annoyed.

He gave me a weird look and said, "Do you want me to kick you out of bed?"

"No need. I am kicking YOU out of bed."

We went back to sleep after that and I didn't think anything more of it until I came home from work that afternoon.

I walked into our bedroom and he says, "Stop! From this wall to this wall is now my space. You can't come in."

I was a little confused until I realized what this was about. The noseblowing, hacking up a lung thing.

"Where am I supposed to sleep?" I asked.

"I don't know. This is my space now... but you can put your belly through the doorway so my daughter can be in here too."

At that point I started laughing hysterically. Then I jumped into bed with him and we snuggled until it was time for him to go to work.

Crazy guy.

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Mother's Day Disappointment

Last Sunday was my first Mother's Day. A busy one at that! My father-in-law is a Baptist pastor and I asked if he would baptize me a while back. Since I have Landon now we decided that we'd make Mother's Day extra special. On Sunday I was baptized, and Landon was dedicated. It was a very emotional day, some of you may understand. When a married woman gets baptized by my father-in-law always invites the husband into the water with them. So my husband played a role in that, and about threw me up out of the water. HAHA! It was great.

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This morning my husband and I slept in with Landon because we had some things to take care of. When my husband woke up he looked out the window and said, "Oh! The gutter guys are here! That's a really nice truck."

You see, the house we're living in is the house my husband and his brother worked on. They work with the owner of this house. He buys old homes, and my husband works with his brother fixing them up!

ANYWHO! Back to the story. HA-HA!

I asked, "Gutter guys?"
"Yes," he said, "they are going to put the gutters on this house."
Well, curious to see just how nice this truck was I looked out the window (from the bathroom) myself. Not only did the truck catch my eye, but the guy driving it did, too! I started to laugh because I KNEW my husband would say something. Sure enough he looks out the window again and says, "Oohh...he's cute!" Mind you, this was in a joking manner. I started to laugh and I said, "I already saw...and I knew you'd say something." So then he started teasing me about it. I was blushing and laughing as I'm trying to dress my son!

Then we get downstairs and Darren went outside to talk with him. After coming back in my husband smiled widely to tease me some more. "He looks like one of those soap opera guys." he said. Again, I started to laugh and I said, "That's so funny because I was thinking the same thing!"
"See!" he exclaimed. "He's better looking than I am!"
"Nooo!" I said. And I was being honest. "He's not better looking. As you guys were walking outside I saw you pass by the window and thought about how lucky I was."
"Mmmhmm..." he said.
"I'm serious!"

This made my husband smile. :) I just wanted to share this because I find it hilarious that we would have a conversation as such. Even more hilarious that he would point out the guy is good looking. I'm so glad we have a sense of humor together. I'm aware, not oblivious, when an attractive girl comes by, and I guess my husband is the same way (he knows me well) when it comes to guys! HAHA!

Good times. Fun start to my day.