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"Never leave a youngster in the car without taking the car keys."

How about never leaving them in the car period unless it's for a brief moment in your own driveway??? Or am I just too paranoid? I don't care if I'm too paranoid. If I park somewhere and it only takes me 10 seconds to do what I have to do...my child is still coming with me. Mind of a new mother. :)
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Quote #23

"Get involved in your child's school."

I definitely plan on doing this. I think it's very important. My husband and I have discussed many things, like what we will encourage our son to do. I'd like to encourage him to play some type of sport, but if he's not interested then hopefully some after school program. I wish I had participated in more school activities while I was in high school. I'm pretty sure I would have made some friends then. HA! But I know kids can stay out of trouble this way as well.

Do any of you homeschool or plan on homeschooling your child/children?
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Quote #22

"Hold hands at the movies."

Okay, so here's a good one for ya. The first movie Darren and I went to see was Along Came Polly. I have what's called an addictive laugh. And...when I laugh it can get pretty loud. The movie theater wasn't full at all. I'd say there were about twelve people max. Something funny happened and I was going to laugh out loud, but I brought my hand up to my mouth very quickly. Too quickly!! All that was heard was, "HAAA...SMACK!!" It was extremely embarrassing, and Darren was like, "What in the world!?" He was a little embarrassed for me too. Haha! But there's a fun, random memory for you. And yes, we hold hands at the movies all the time. ^_^
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Quote # 20

"Introduce yourself to your neighbors as soon as you move into a new neighborhood."

I'm quite the observer. Not only that, but I'm shy as hell too. If I moved into a neighborhood and something seemed off I'd probably wait it out. I have a hard time getting out of my house as it is. Sometimes I really have to work myself up because I get scared. I guess they call this anxiety? I've never been to see anyone about it, so I've never been diagnosed. I just try to work on it myself. Tell myself I can do it. =/

Would you do this? Do you do this when you move into a different area?
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Quote # 18

"Let your children overhear you saying complimentary things about them to other adults."

Even though I get along better with my mom, I remember my dad being better at this. He would always boast about how I was such a talented writer. I could only stand there and blush. When I started playing the piano he would tell people how great I was, and how great of a singer my sister was. Said we should be an act together. haha! I definitely plan on praising my kids around other people openly.


I'm not talking about bragging. I'm talking about a healthy praise, not a competition with other parents on whose child is best at what. :)
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So Anyway...Quote # 17

"Send your loved ones flowers. Think of a reason later."

I'll never forget the first time I got a flower from my husband. It was my second day there (I had flown up to meet him). I went down for breakfast, and then when I went back up to the room to get some things together for a shower I spotted a purple rose on the bed. Purple is my favorite color. He woke up very early that day just to go out and find a flower shop who sold purple roses. Keep in mind this was a very bitter January. And underneath this purple rose lay the sweetest note. I still have the note, and the rose. I keep the rosebud in a little wooden box that Darren made when he was in school. I also keep the movie ticket from the first movie we saw together, Along Came Polly, in the same box. :)
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Quote # 16

"Be the first to forgive."

Yesterday was interesting. I told Darren about the events that took place and now, as it stands, he is part of this community. Of course this struck some fear into me. I've said some nice things, but I've said some mean things, too. I don't want him reading some of the things I said, as I'm sure a lot of you wouldn't want your spouse reading some of the things you've said. He started to scroll down and I said, "Uhh, Darren? Can I tell you something?"
"Yes." he said.
"I said some...things..."
I was getting really nervous. I didn't want him to get upset with me. I mentioned how I called him a dick. No, I didn't tell this community he was a dick, but it was a thought I had in my mind at the moment. I didn't want to continue with the conversation because I was at a loss for words. "Can we go now?" I asked. We were going to a little restaurant here in town, and I figured maybe then I could explain some things to him.

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