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** MOD POST** So what happened?

Since the horse isn't dead, I'm going to make a quick post about today's happenings. It will hopefully help clear the air of many questions & confusion you might have.

Yes, the choice for adding jenniferleblanc as mod was made in haste. There have been some things going on behind the scenes that not everyone would know. I had read that one of the current mods was thinking of stepping down. This of course, in addition to the recent flood of emails I've received & other recent drama in the community led me to make a very hasty choice. Was it a poor one? Maybe, & I am sorry to those of you who were hurt or offended that I didn't give everyone a head's up. It won't be happening again.
I am also sorry for putting jenniferleblanc in such a position, considering she is a dear friend.

A 4th mod.
Seeing as how there has been talk of changes being made in the community, I thought days ago it would be prudent to add another mod to help out. No one knew about this until I posted in my personal journal yesterday. I was rather hoping I could get the communities original creator dceivdbydarknes, but as she is going through a divorce- I thought better of it. I really do think we could benefit from another mod seeing as the community is growing quite vastly by the day as of late. I also think that in refence to a previous post, a man would make an excellent addition to the mod team.

Recent changes. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet about moderated posting. I had to turn it off because I don't know how to figure out the controls (it was set so only I could approve/reject). If anyone knows how to do this, please enlighten me!
We are discussing some rules to be implemented & enforced in our mod community & we'll keep everyone posted on what we come up with.

Also, any more posts on this topic will be deleted by the mods, as it can be discussed in this post, here, here, or here.

What do YOU want to see for this community? I know we've gotten alot of great advice from other community moderators. Any suggestions & ALL feedback is welcome.
I'll reply as soon as I can, but my kids are running around like small wild things because Momma is trying to take care of business ;)
N: Yea we're laughin @ ya

**MOD POST** Snarking- Urban Dictionary

1. noun
Combination of "snide" and "remark". Sarcastic comment(s).
Also snarky (adj.) and snarkily (adv.)

2. noun
Use of sarcasm or malice in speech. Commonly found in the LiveJournal community. also snarky, snarkiness.

3. verb
Biting, cruel humor or wit, commonly used to verbally attack someone or something.


His commentary was rife with snark.

"Your boundless ineptitude is astounding," she snarkily declared.

"Oh, well, *that's* a good idea. How about we *all* follow *you* and jump off a cliff like lemmings?" he snarked.

"I can't believe that punk snarked me for supporting (insert political party)!"

So basically, no matter how much you disagree with another member on an issue, if you don't have anything nice to say, or at least a nice way to say something about a difference of opinion ..DON'T TYPE IT. I know it sucks to have to blow glitter in everyone's butts to play nice & get along, but if you can't refrain; snark elsewhere.

ETA- A new mod has been added (jenniferleblanc), moderation removed. Posts creating drama will be deleted by one of the mods. I think 4 mods is a nice, round number ;)
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What do we think of a possible new rule?

No snarking.
Basically- what it means is that- no snarking. Snarking would need to be kept in the snark communities & that's that. We could make a list of the snark communities we know about for those who enjoy the more dramatic end of _marriedlife_ to read. Then banninate all those who dare to disobey. I don't think that sounds like much fun- but whatever.

We're now set on moderated posting. (ETA- This is only temporary.)
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Community promos

I've noticed that in the last THREE days the same community has been promoted with large banner images. This is a little ridiculous. I'm sure the members here would much rather see substantial posts instead of all these lame promos.

Please see rule #4:
4)We do not have a problem with the promotion of communities that relate to married life. However, if it is abused, we will ban promotion of communities!

I really would like for us to have some promos every once in while- but if this keeps up I will have to ban them altogether.

Thanks for your few minutes!