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I gave the community a facelift today, figured a change would be good. LMK if you think anything needs tweaking! =)

I'd also like to start implementing the use of tags, it's not required by any means, just helps things stay more organized.
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You'll Find A "MOD POST" At The End Of This

It feels absolutely wonderful to be back home. As much as I hate this small town at least I have my peace. I was at my in-laws' for six days! Actually, my father-in-law was on his way back from a moose hunt, so I spent the first couple of days with my mother-in-law. And I've discovered that I cannot stand her driving. She's a really safe driver, which is great! But she's so so slow. I'm tellin' you...there will be a stop sign coming up and she slows down 50 feet away! Then she stops way behind it, inches up...stops...inches up...stops...inches up...stops. ARGH! I wanted to yell, "GO ALREADY!" ;P She's probably the safest driver in NY, though. Bahahahaha!!!

I wanted to share a picture of a picture that hangs on my in-laws' kitchen cabinet. I kept walking by it thinking, "Hmm...that's kind of funny. I should share it with the community." So finally, one day, I snapped a picture!

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My husband wanted to go on the moose hunt with his brother and father, but we didn't have the money at that time. He's pretty glad he didn't go because we found we're not big fans of moose meat. I know some of you were interested in seeing result of the floor my husband worked on while Landon and I stayed at his parents' house. I thought I'd give a little background.

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Phew! Okay...

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