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N & A

Community promos

I've noticed that in the last THREE days the same community has been promoted with large banner images. This is a little ridiculous. I'm sure the members here would much rather see substantial posts instead of all these lame promos.

Please see rule #4:
4)We do not have a problem with the promotion of communities that relate to married life. However, if it is abused, we will ban promotion of communities!

I really would like for us to have some promos every once in while- but if this keeps up I will have to ban them altogether.

Thanks for your few minutes!

Mod post

Hello everyone! I am *now* the sole mod for this community.

My name is Niki & I am SAHM of two. Kenan & I got married 11.15.02- so going on 3 years now =)

I would love to have a couple co-mods, so if you are interested- comment here!

Mod post

GOOD afternoon everyone. I am a horrible mod.. I am free to admit it. I have had some personal issues the last couple of months that have hindered my time. I apologize. If there is anyone who has any ideas on topics you want discussed or anything else post a comment..