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Introduction Survey

Your Name: Beckey
Your Age: 35
Your Husband/Wife's Name: Gary (he's 50)
Wedding Date: June 23, 2007
How Did You Guys Meet?: MySpace
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): None...and none planned!  :)
City/State/Country: Arlington, TX.  He's from Houston and I'm from Iowa.
The Best Thing About Being Married? Aside from having a personal chiropractor...I can't come up with anything that doesn't sound cheesy...lol
The Worst Thing About Being Married? How about "toughest" instead of "worst."  The toughest thing for me has been adjusting -- just in general -- as far as sharing everything, cooking, cleaning, just responsibilities in general.  I haven't lived with anyone in over 10 years.  It's hard to explain, and hubby doesn't "get it" either.
Anything else you'd like to share: We met Dec. 1, 2006 and got engaged Valentine's Day this year.  It was an amazing proposal...what he said and the fact it was in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Most people ask about the age difference only if they haven't met us.  Most people think Gary is late 30's, maybe 40, mostly because of the way he acts, I think.  We have people ask what our families think about the age difference, and honestly, no one thinks anything of it (believe me, they WOULD say!)

I don't see a place on here for occupation, so in case anyone cares, I'm a medical transcriptionist. 

EDIT:  I left out a couple things. lol   We're looking to buy a house...we're currently crammed in a 2 BR, 2 BA duplex -- actually, he was crowded in here himself and looking for a house when I moved in in February.  Most of my stuff is in storage and we are tripping over each other...and we also have 7 pets between us.  I have a leopard-spotted gecko and 4 guinea pigs, 2 of which he bought for me as babies for my bday in April.  :)   He also built them a huge cage, for which we sacrificed 2 recliners for space...lol   He has 2 birds, a conure and an umbrella cockatoo.  :)
love and be loved

About me...

Your Name: Lori
Your Age: 35
Your Husband/Wife's Name: Dirk
Wedding Date: 5-5-01
How Did You Guys Meet?: Blind Date
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): Jared, 10
City/State/Country: Oregon
The Best Thing About Being Married? I get to see my best friend every day
The Worst Thing About Being Married? When he is grumpy
Anything else you'd like to share: Hello everyone. I have been lurking for a bit and responding a bit. I thought I'd better introduce myself...
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Since I made my intro back when we had- oh 10? members, I figured I would redo it since no-one knows who I am ;)
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If you're wondering why I haven't been around much.. I'm a big filter reader. If I don't have more than a few minutes, I read only friends & not communities. I tend to miss alot that way, but it works for me =)

the newbie survey

Your Name: Kortney (KP to my friends)
Your Age: 27
Your Husband/Wife's Name: Grant
Wedding Date: February 26, 2006
How Did You Guys Meet?: at work
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): Eva, 8 weeks
City/State/Country: Chicago, Illinois USA
The Best Thing About Being Married? Having someone to come home to
The Worst Thing About Being Married? There's a lot more to clean now.

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Your Name: Lisa
Your Age: 28
Wedding Date: August 26th 2006
How Did You Guys Meet?: through a mutual friend
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): we are expecting our first child in March
City/State/Country: Detroit, MI
The Best Thing About Being Married? He is my best friend
The Worst Thing About Being Married? So far nothing, but I'm not used to having someone bring me home flowers for no reason! So I guess maybe the adjustment is weird at most.