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So here's 2 questions for all of you:
How many of you met your spouse online?
And how exactly did you come into contact?

btw I met mine online. He was searching through the site I had a journal on called Open Diary and left me a note. I could tell just by the way he worded things he was about my age and male. We noted each other back and forth for a week straight before I decided he wasn't some whack-job and left him my MSN name. We started talking back in January of 2002 and haven't stopped since ^_^.
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I lost my wedding ring today. It fell off G-d knows where. We went to every place I was and nothing. I am so upset. I do still have my engagement ring. Which is more important. The diamond was his Grandmothers...and she was my best friend. Then the setting was my sisters. So it has both families history. If you want to read a really sweet story-

In 1923 Grandmother graduated Grinnell College. She was staying at a motel in Chicago. The Midway. Every night the clerk would tell her Mr. Faulkner wants to go out with you. She would say no. Then finally she said she would go.

At the end of the night he said he wanted to see her again. Grandmother then told him her and her 3 friends were going to be single women for 5 years in LA and she was leaving the next day. Mr. Faulkner told her when she came back she could find him at his work. She did return 5 years later-and went to his work. He no longer worked there....but left her a note how to find him. And that is how Grandmother Faulkner and Grandfather Faulkner met.

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Howdy! My name is Anita, I am new here. I live in Indiana, Fort Wayne to be exact. I suppose I will start you all off with all the back ground information you could ever need to know about Chris and I.

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Your Name: Anita
Your Age: 20
Your Husband/Wife's Name: Chris
Wedding Date: August 18 03
How Did You Guys Meet?: 8th grade math, he forgot his name on his papers... a lot
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): na
City/State/Country: Fort Wayen In USA
The Best Thing About Being Married? The comfort and relaxation
The Worst Thing About Being Married? People getting on us about being "young and stupid"
Anything else you'd like to share: I have a kitty named Betty
So, we had a small wedding a little less that 50 people, non religious. Spur of the moment. Very nice, but not formal.

I plan to have a vow renewal in 2008... our "real" wedding. Blessed by the church, with the Bridal shower, and bach parties. Everything. So, I have 3 years of planning.

Anyhoo, I am really sorry about the long story... I just get going sometimes. Chris says we should write a book. Chapters 6-13 (all the grades he new me) each with his view and mine... I don't like my view because... he sounds like a jerk... but he is really a wonderful guy. We were young. Anyway, nice to meet all of you. I hope some of you add me because as you will learn over time since being a workaholic and living in Fort Wayne I have very few friends. OH for those of you that did not read the story there is a picture of us posted under the cut also.

So thanks to those of you out there who are reading this (it was cross posted).



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how did you guys meet your spouses ? i want princess stories lots of detail. go! we never talk in this community, we need to start :) maybe even post a picture with your story if you can so we know who you are