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I know that we've discussed anniversary gifts in here before, but I was curious about what you guys actually do for your anniversary?

Do you go out to eat? Go off somewhere special to celebrate? Do you make a whole weekend out of it? How long in advance do you plan these things?

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I'm curious here, so let me know! Do you keep it super low key, or go all out?

Anniversary Gifts

It seems like this topic comes up a lot in here, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas:

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What are some of the favorite gifts you've given, received, or are thinking about for future anniversaries?

*Because these items are all for sale on etsy.com which is a handmade site, most sellers will happily customize things for you to be *exactly* what you want and can often make another if the current item sells out.

Happy Anniversary

It's my 3rd Wedding Anniversary today!!

I really can't believe it's been 3 years already, I feel like I must have lost a year along the way, and it should just be 2 years now!!

We're going here for dinner tonight. I've heard it's amazing, and have never been. We're doing traditional anniversy gifts which makes this year leather. I got my husband a leather passport/boarding pass holder. He travels sometimes for work, so this will be handy for him. I saved the romantic stuff for the card...since it's hard to be romantic with leather (I said romantic...not kinky!!) ;)

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I thought I'd post pics of our tattoos that we got a few days ago for our anniversary. I finally got them up. My sister is getting married on Saturday so I have been super busy. I'm glad to finally have a chance to be back here though. Here are our tattoos! 7-24-05 is our wedding date.

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Kiss Me I'm Irish


For five more minutes it's still my one year anniversary with Jesse. Two years if you count the year we dated too. :P We just got back from an awesome short trip to Monterey and I loved it. We also got tattoos together. The first for both of us! Pictures eventually as long as I remember.

Annnnnddd I FINALLY have internet again! It was almost two months without it! It's been rough :P

I will finally get to check out this community more often...I've missed it here. I have to go back and read entries.

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Our 2 year Anniversary

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we went to my favorite restaurant, The Whole Enchilada.
well, any place that serves chips 'n' salsa to me free is my favorite restaurant.

i've started a seperate journal for my food posts. check it out. i hope you enjoy it.
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happy anniversary to us

wow time sure flies when youre having fun lol we made it we celebrated our one year on feb 18 also my birthday (turned 30)life is great everything is falling into place and our dreams our finally turning into reality i love being married its not always easy but it sure is interesting i wouldnt change a thing
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I HAVE OFFICALLY BEEN MARRIED FOR ONE YEAR TODAY!! AND I COULDNT HAVE PICKED A BETTER MAN TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH! Today we spent most of the day just hanging out at the house and enjoying eachothers company for the day, but it was well worth it! God I love him :) :) :)


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I found my Valentine's Day present! LOL By accident of course, I came home from work and found a box from UPS, and this is what was in it.

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It's a Garnet, my birthstone. Jason ordered it for me, and forgot it was coming today, so I found it. I get to keep it now, since I've already seen it! It's too big, so i'm gonna get it sized down to fit either my ring finger or middle finger on my right hand, I'm not sure what one yet. It's sooo pretty!