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Welcome to Married Life!

Marriage is bliss?

Marriage is bliss?
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_marriedlife_ is a community for those who want to discuss married life. We welcome anyone who is married, getting married, or feels like they are married!

Membership is currently moderated to keep out the trolls and dramamongers.

If you are rejected and feel you should not have been, please email the mods.

Once a month, the mod will make a post where new members can introduce themselves, talk about their relationship, share wedding pictures, etc. Please check in at the 1st of every month to introduce yourselves to the community!

Also, please add yourself to our members map! Meet up with other ML-ers! (optional)

If you are looking for a specific type of post, please check out our tags!!

The Rules:

1) Everyone has opinions, please respect them. There will times when there is conflict, that is just a part of life. How we deal with that conflict is what makes us human after all. Personal attacks against anyone (members or their partners) will not be tolerated. We are currently using the system of first a warning, second a one-week ban, and third a permanent ban (for personal attacks). We will confer with each other on a case-by-case basis in our mod community what is an what is not a personal attack. We will also freeze threads as necessary.

2) We love pictures, but please lj cut! Pornographic pictures will earn an automatic ban. These include pictures of sexual acts, and those depicting nudity (this includes full frontal, genitalia, etc. If it belongs in an R-rated movie, it doesn't belong here).

3) As long as the post is related somehow to marriage and relationships, it is relevant to this community. Parenting is obviously relevant when it relates to marriage or relationships. However, if the entry seems like it would belong elsewhere i.e. a parent community (of which there are several active on LJ), please let it be known to the others that they might not be interested in reading and why. If you are uncomfortable with the topic you are presenting, you are more then welcome to lj cut it (with an appropriate description in the cut). How to use an LJ-cut. Also, please do not link topics to your personal journal!!

4) We do not have a problem with the promotion of communities that relate to married life. However, if it is abused, we will ban promotion of communities!

5) Do NOT disable comments to your posts. Screening comments is also not allowed (unless you somehow need to collect private information). Also, please keep in mind the mods can view these screened comments! Stand by your words & realize that this is a public community.

6) Do not delete comments or posts unless you are asked to or you are reposting for grammatical or format reasons. The same consequences apply for deleting posts as a personal attack, first time-- a warning, second-- a one-week ban, and third-- a permanent ban. Again, own your words.

7) DO NOT edit your post to remove the original text. If you have a question that is answered sufficiently, simply edit your post to say something along the lines of finding your answer.

8) If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. You may not get the responses you want to your post. If you can't handle that, think twice before you post a possibly controversial topic.

9) GOOD-BYE POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED! These posts will be deleted from here on out. Only under ONE condition are they allowed, and that is if your marriage has come to an unfortunate end. If that's the case, please let us know!!!

10) There are many different types of relationships. Please respect the fact that not everyone's notion of a married relationship may be the same as yours. Disagreement is fine; being disrespectful is not. Respect other's choices in their relationships.

11) Taking screencaps of a locked post is not allowed. If you do this there will be no warning. You will be banned permanently.

12) There will be no use of inflammatory language or images. What does that mean? No use of racist/sexist/classist etc. slurs. Even if it's not directly a personal attack it will not be tolerated. Engaging in such behavior will result in you being banned.

13) DO NOT troll personal journals. This will result in an immediate ban. Keep discussion to the community.

**Rules can change! The mods will update the rules as we see a need to! Most of all HAVE FUN!

How To Contact Your Mods!

Your mods are:

If you need to contact us please do so by lj-message! Thank you. :D