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Quote # 14

"Spend some time alone."

I don't know if this quote is saying spend some time alone together, or spend some time alone to yourself. However, I think it's a given anyway!!

It's great that when we travel the 3 hours to his parents' house they take Landon for a night and say, "Get out of here! Have fun!" We still don't have a babysitter here in town, so it's been nice to hand him over to Grandma and Grandpa. Two of the most trustworthy people.

As far as our own alone time goes. Darren likes to take walks at night. Unfortunately the last time he did that he almost got his ass beat by two guys. Wrong place, wrong time. I get enough alone time when Landon naps I guess. My alone time consists of showering, reading, and the computer. Ha. I need to start writing again.

So! What do you do for alone time?
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Quote # 13

"When you and your spouse have a disagreement, regardless of who's wrong, apologize. Say, 'I'm sorry I upset you. Would you forgive me?' These are healing, magical words."

While I KIND OF agree with this, if I KNOW he's wrong he better be the first to apologize. After that I say, "Thank you. I'm sorry, too." However, over the weekend I just let him keep apologizing. I felt no need to, and if that was wrong of me--oops! I'll try harder next time.
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Quote # 12

"Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be." -- Robert Browning

I plan on making a full entry some time today. I feel this quote stands out, and I think, I really hope that's true! Because it was one of those weekends where my husband really pissed me off, then it was okay. Then he pissed me off again, and then it was okay again. Then he REALLY pissed me off...and so on. Heh.
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Quote # 11

"Put love notes under your spouse's pillow."

Darren used to write/e-mail me all the time. I have to remind him to do this anymore. It really is crazy how much things change when you get married. I really wish he would write me the way he used to. =/
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Quote # 10

"Never underestimate the power of forgiveness."

Have you recently had to forgive your husband/wife for something? Do you find it easy to forgive them?

My answer:

As some of you know, I recently found out that my husband lied to me about smoking...for the third time. I forgave him again, but this time I'm making DAMN sure he's open and honest with me. We've been having conversation about it when he gets home. He tells me how many he's had and when. But herein lies another problem. I'm starting to smell it all over him, which is a big turn off. :( I don't know if it's my mind or what. Even after he brushes his teeth, it comes back. I can't stand it. He knows how I feel about this, and I know it's hurting him. =/

I actually do find it rather easy to forgive my husband. That quote holds a lot of meaning for me because each time I forgive Darren we're a little closer each time, and he knows just how much I love him. He also knows this marriage is serious to me, and I'm not about to give up.
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Quote # 9

"If you've had a hard day at the office, save the complaining until after dinner."

I don't know. Sometimes I need to vent ASAP...or else a bad mood strikes. If my husband needed to get something off of his chest I would let him, and then let him know I was here for him! Might make a better dinner. Besides, neither of us work in an office. He flips homes, and I Mommy. Heh.
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Quote # 8

"Slow dance."

Heh, as I was typing that my husband honked the horn before he took off for work.
Honk! Honk!
It made me smile. :) Normally I'm in bed sleeping with my 2 month old, but I thought I'd make it a point to be up early so I could whip up some oatmeal for Darren, grab a shower, and eat some breakfast! Anywho...onto the question.

What is your song?

My answer:

"At Last" by Etta James. It was the first song we slow danced to, so it's special. In fact, I was kind of bugged when I saw this song on a CD labeled Wedding Songs. I didn't want people to think we just came up with one. haha! I also like to think of "When You Love Someone" by Bryan Adams as our song because I used to listen to it all the time and bawl my eyes out (we had a long distance relationship). So I think I might want to dance to both of those songs at our wedding ceremony (for friends and family)...whenever that will be. =/

Hey everyone! I really enjoyed those first kiss stories!!! Thank you. ^_^
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Quote # 7

"Kiss in the rain."

Do you remember you and your husband's/wife's first kiss well? Where it was? How you felt?

My answer:

I was surprised at how long it took Darren and I to kiss, but he was waiting for that perfect moment. The night we first met he picked me up from the Rochester airport. It was a little over an hour from his home. We held hands in the car, and he picked my hand up and gave it little kisses. None of this felt weird to me at all, even though this WAS our first meeting. It was silly and sweet. We then stopped at a diner to grab some dinner before reaching our final destination.

After meeting his parents he showed me to the room I'd be sleeping in (his room). He would be sleeping on the couch the whole week I was there. We had so many opportunities to kiss, still he waited. I was beginning to wonder if maybe we wouldn't even kiss--even after all that talk on-line. haha! Then he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride so he could show me around. This was in upstate NY, in the month of January. It was freezing! I had never been exposed to weather like that.

He took me to this snow covered hill. We climbed this hill, which was overlooking a lake and a large span of land. It was so dark, so I couldn't really see much. I believe it was 13 below that night, so with that wind whipping by us up on the hill you can just imagine how cold it was. He opened up his jacket and I stuffed my arms in. He held me as I was shivering. Then I looked up to meet his eyes. We moved in for the kiss at the same time. It was no longer cold outside. All I felt was warmth. I forgot where I was, and all I could do was completely wrap myself up in that moment. This was the kind of kiss I had always DREAMED of. I was sick of my first kisses being on my front porch (or close to it). This guy wanted to sweep me off of my feet, and he succeeded!!!
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Quote # 6

"A happy home is a glimpse of heaven."

One of my LJ friends recently asked questions about how we felt about our parents' influences on us, and if we'd be changing the way we raise our children from the way they've raised us. She asked about what values we've gained and the likes. I sat for a while trying to think of one good thing. Sadly, not one came to mind. My fondest memories are kept at age 5 when I was still "Daddy's little girl." After that, I only remember bad, so I don't like to think back anymore.

We lived in three houses on 1 street! I was seven-years-old when we lived in the first one, and then we moved to NC for only 6 months. We would move into the second house when I was 14. A lot of attention was brought on our household. Seemed like every other week we had police outside of our home. It was embarrassing. Our neighbors had the balls to stand outside with their doors wide open just to get a peek of what was going on. One night we even had cop cars lined up down the street from our house. Our family was "dysfunctional." Everybody else liked to pretend their family was a-ok!

I grew up much different from my siblings. Much much MUCH different. I hear it all the time. "How did you end up the way you are?" It doesn't really make me happy, rather, disappointed. I don't remember what I was taught at a younger age. My father's actions influenced the way my mother views males today. She told me once never to trust a man's tears because they were all fake. And, "All men are pigs, you just gotta find the better one." All of this really effected me a great deal. I've had to convince myself that my husband's tears were not fake a time or two.

I'm sharing this with you because I made a promise to myself that it would be different with my family. I stayed far away from men like my father. I kept a serious guard up, but sometimes I made bad decisions. It takes a lot of effort. I believe you have to BUILD UP a happy home. Once you've achieved a happy home it's up to you and your husband whether it stays like that or not. Marriage is work, it truly is. Anyone who can't see that got married for the wrong reasons. It's not a picnic, and it's not all merry days every day. Marriage in itself is sacrifice. Marriage is learning. Marriage is giving, and marriage is even more giving.

We all deserve happiness. Are you going to give it, or are you going to mope around and wait for it? To give is to gain into the hearts of others. I want to give. I NEED to give. I'd like to tell people, "I live in a happy home, and we're making it just fine."

What do you think makes a happy home?