September 8th, 2009

kurt halsey : girl and cat

my husband the clothes hoarder...

I saw some posts about husbands with clothes collecting problems and I thought I would share what I have been doing. In our closet we have a top rack (my clothing) and a bottom rack (his clothing). I push all the clothes I don't know if he wears to one side (right side) and all the clothes I know he wears to the other side (left side). When I put away the laundry it always goes to the left side. After a certain period of time I will get rid of the clothes on the right side if they are untouched. His pants are a little trickier because they are kept in a dresser. I tell him if they don't fit throw them in a certain corner of the room but he rarely does... usually they go into the clothes hamper to be washed over and over again. Clothes is a big annoyance issue because I seriously remember bothering my mom like this when I was a teenager and now I have to deal with my man doing this to me. Karma I guess. But what I really hate is that he has ten times more clothing than me and I feel like I'm swimming in clothing because it is everywhere! For me, I only keep 10 articles of clothing in the closet at a time. When I throw something out, I buy something new! But his side is jammed pack.

feel free to share your anti-clothes-hoarding tips within this post.