February 26th, 2007

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3rd and 4th marriages

This is and isn't a married life question. I'm asking it here, though, because maybe some of you have been in or are in this situation and can offer some great suggestions. =)

In a nutshell, my husband and I are flying out to my dad's wedding. It will be his third marriage; and the woman he is marrying, it will be her fourth marriage. They have been living together for almost a year in my dad's home and are not for want for anything. My husband and I have never met my dad's fiancee.

What would be an appropriate and thoughtful wedding gift? The wedding is taking place over Easter weekend.

Job market

I am concerned about our situation, and would like input from you ladies/guys. My husband quit his job about a month ago. It was a cooking job at a bar that was giving him a lot of stress. He was putting in 60 hours without days off, and having to split his shift very often. We decided together that he should quit. In that time, he's been looking for a new job, but not having much luck. He's burnt out on cooking, and wants to find something that pays more.

What we're not agreeing on: I say that he should find a job to 'tide him over' until he finds something better, so we have his income. He says that he doesn't want to keep jumping from job to job, because it will look bad on a resume. (He worked at a country club that kept cutting his hours, then went to an Italian restaurant for a few months and quit to move closer to me, then was out of work for a while, then started working at the bar in October, quitting at the end of January). There are reasons why he quit the places, and why he couldn't get a job for a while. Now, he's able to get a job (he was finally able to get a state-issued ID), but it feels like he's holding out for a great job to just fall into his lap.

I understand that employers may frown upon his spotty work history from the last year, but I am in charge of the finances, and it's starting to get difficult. We have a comfortable living, because I'm working two jobs. I originally started working two jobs so I could pay down my debt with the money from the second job, and have less to worry about. Now my two jobs are keeping us afloat, while the debt that I owe is barely getting paid down.

I'm just a little resentful that I have to work so much now, and I can't quit even if I wanted to (which I do, because I'm getting burnt out). It feels like we're at a standstill, and nothing is going to get resolved soon. I've been looking for a different second job, so I keep an eye out for jobs for him. He has been inquiring about jobs, but not really getting responses back. He's been looking to get into a newer (to him) field, which isn't helping, either. School is kind of out since we aren't able to get him school loans (since I'm going back in August).

Poll #935553 Job history

Which is more ideal?

Working a crappy job while looking for a better one.
Looking for a job full time.
Other (please comment).

And don't think of him a bum, because he's definitely not. While he's been home, he keeps the house (mostly) clean, does dishes, laundry, and other household chores. I appreciate it very, very much, but it's not bringing in income. We plan to have kids in which he'll stay at home to take care of them, but that's not going to happen any time soon. I want to finally go on our honeymoon at the end of the year, but that won't happen unless he gets a job so we can save up for that, too. Sorry to ramble, but I feel better getting this off my chest, and hopefully hearing from people who have been there.
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non electronic activities

I hate TV and if I had my druthers I'd get rid of mine, but my husband won't go for that. However, we're getting sucked into a watching-tv-rut and I'm coming up short on ideas for things for us to do. We played scrabble last night but he only did it to humor me as he doesn't really enjoy it that much.

What do you do at home, together, that doesn't involve a TV or a computer screen?

Hello everyone...new member.

Your Name: Nick
Your Age: 26
Your Husband/Wife's Name: Delia nagirrebailed
Wedding Date: 10/28/06
How Did You Guys Meet?: We became friends in college, and began dating after we both graduated.
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): -none-
City/State/Country: Somerset, NJ (USA)
The Best Thing About Being Married? Being able to come home everyday to my soulmate, =) and getting to wake up every morning next to her!
The Worst Thing About Being Married? Having to share my TOYS! lol.
Anything else you'd like to share: We also have a 7-month old German Shorthaired Pointer named Jaeger...he's a handfull, but so damn CUTE!
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Hope this makes you all smile a little

Earlier this evening Michael, Erik and I went out to eat at Marie Calender's. When we were walking to the enterance we passed a young man talking to an older man. By chance I caught a bit of their conversation and thought I would share.

Young man: "... and I'd like to ask your blessing to ask your daughter to marry me..."

That was all I heard but it was enough to make me smile like a giddy girl for the whole evening. It's nice to hear that men still do this :)

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