February 1st, 2007

JJ and Laura

Younger or Older...

So..  who else out there married kinda young?  I got married a year ago today, and I was 20, Jeremy was 17... (So kinda might be a triffle off in some of your opinions...)  I just wanna know if I'm the only one here that married that early, or...  if someone else is here that did, so maybe we can relate a little?
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Daisy - myself

Sweet Things

Lately I've noticed a lot of posts about "what sweet thing has your SO done for you?"  I may have missed ones that ask "What things do YOU do?", but I wanna know........ so........

Come on, folks, brag on your sweet selves!  ;)  I'm always looking for little ideas to do something special for hubby.

Me, I usually end up going to bed about 30 minutes before hubby, and it is so freeeeeeeeking cold in our bedroom.  I go to bed on his side, then when he comes to bed I move back over to my side, leaving his space all cozy and warm (and smelling like me!).  It's not so bad, because then he snuggles up to me to warm me up on my side!

Valentine's Day

Last night as we were laying in bed before falling asleep, I told my husband that I was feeling bad lately because I didn't know what to get him for Valentine's day. He told me not to worry about it, that it wasn't a holiday for him anyway. He said he didn't want anything. I said it wasn't fair that the woman gets something but not the guy - so I think I'm going to get him a card and his favorite candy bar, since I shouldn't really be spending money on something he doesn't want or won't use.

How do your husbands feel about this? What do you guys normally do on this holiday? We have plans to go to dinner, and I'm not expecting him to buy me anything but he'll probably get me some flowers (he's good at that).
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those of you who got married intending to have children, did you have a timeframe set for when? after 5 years? before 3 years? somewhere between 3 and 5? (if your answer is "never" then this question isn't for you.)

and, did you stick to that timeframe? I don't mean "oops we got pregnant" (though if that's what happened, feel free to share) I mean, actually changing your minds. for example we thought we'd wait maybe a year before getting pregnant but after 2 months of *hoping* we were screwing up NFP (but realizing it was working just fine) we decided to just go ahead and have a baby!