January 8th, 2007


new life, new home!

We're moving on Wednesday, from a less-than-500 square foot studio apartment to a nearly 800 square foot 1 bedroom apartment.

We'll finally be able to get a table, which will be a huge relief since we've spent the last year eating off tv trays - or usually not even that since one of them has the laptop on it and the other is usually covered with mail/glasses/junk. We haven't been able to do anything in our apartment other than watch TV and play on the computer, which is BORING! Now we'll be able to do puzzles and board games, and even twirl if we take a notion!

The old place definitely felt like a bachelor pad - it was just a step away from having a beeramid, and really didn't look like grownups lived there.

Do y'all have any advice for setting up house? Any guaranteed ways to achieve good apartment juju? I'm kind of domestically impaired, so if you have any words of wisdom, send them my way!
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