January 3rd, 2007


Did anyone catch the segment on Marriage in America with Dr. Laura Schlessigner on the Today Show this morning? If so, what did you think?

Surprisingly, I agreed with a lot of what she said. She's pretty controversial (she doesn't believe in cohabitation before marriage or gay marriage or a host of other things). Aside from those things though, I thought she had some good points and advice. Has anyone read any of her books? Is so, would you recommend them?


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"We tend to think that how a man relates to his mother should give you an idea of how he will treat his wife. But there was no connection between the relationship with his mother and the relationship with his wife. Men don't learn how to be husbands by the relationship with their mothers. Men learn how to be husbands from watching their fathers be husbands and by how they relate to their sons. If you look at men who have been abandoned by their fathers, they often have good relationships with their mothers, but they don't know how to relate to women and their wives."

- Neil Chethik, author of "VoiceMale: What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework and Commitment"