August 3rd, 2006

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"Never leave a youngster in the car without taking the car keys."

How about never leaving them in the car period unless it's for a brief moment in your own driveway??? Or am I just too paranoid? I don't care if I'm too paranoid. If I park somewhere and it only takes me 10 seconds to do what I have to child is still coming with me. Mind of a new mother. :)

the newbie survey

Your Name: Kortney (KP to my friends)
Your Age: 27
Your Husband/Wife's Name: Grant
Wedding Date: February 26, 2006
How Did You Guys Meet?: at work
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): Eva, 8 weeks
City/State/Country: Chicago, Illinois USA
The Best Thing About Being Married? Having someone to come home to
The Worst Thing About Being Married? There's a lot more to clean now.
Silent Faith


My coworker got to talking to me today about her divorce, which was years ago, and how lonely she is now days. She was looking at my wedding photos (I have several favorites as my screen saver) and she started gushing about what a beautiful wedding I had, which is how the topic came up. She said to me "Don't ever get a divorce, unless your husband turns into an ax murderer". Basically, unless it's something major, do whatever it takes to make it work. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the little stuff though, isn't it? It's much easier to point out a persons flaws or what about them irritates you then to focus on all the things that caused you to fall in love with that person in the first place. Why did she divorce, I inquired. She told me she got bored. She told me her husband was a great guy, but she got bored, and kicked him out. It was a young marriage that lasted for 10 years. She also told me how much she loved her "small wedding" of 250 people. That made me laugh, in comparison to my 50 person wedding, that I would have kept at 30 if the location didn't have a minimum. I joked that I didn't even KNOW 250 people very well. Anyhow, she has three children, and said her husband was heartbroken. She said she was too busy enjoying the single life and the dating scene once again when she divorced, that she didn't realize how much she missed him until there was no chance of a reconciliation. This broke MY heart.

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Go to this link and enter your street will show a "house" in the middle of the map, that's your house... all the little colored boxes are registered Sex Offenders... click on them and you get a name, address & picture of the person along with his crime... pretty
amazing and shows you where they live in proximity to your home and the local schools.

This is too important not to share with you.

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First off I wanted to say thanks to everyone that responded to my post and gave me advice. I've quite talking to my ex and things are going better for me and my husband. Now then, theres something that has been on my mind so I figured I would post here and see what you all think.

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