July 27th, 2006



I woke up to a DISASTER this morning, and of course my husband is out of town so I have to try to fix it myself.

THe basement of our townhome (well actually, EVERY townhome) flooded last night after a pretty bad thunderstorm. I need some help from you guys - I am so upset and edgy I cant do a proper internet search. I am trying to find some way to hold the complex liable, they SWORE their basements didnt leak. Is there a requirement as far as basement flood protection? (ex: must be able to withstand 2 inches of rain?) If so, where might I find that?

So much for having the house all clean when my hubby gets home tomorrow. On top of that, I didnt get flood insurace because well, they told me it didnt flood. Now we have probably at least a thousand dollars worth of stuff ruined. And, it already smells like mold in the house so I am sicker than a dog (yay severe mold allergies).

Sorry for the vent... I just cant believe this happened, I know it could be worse but it doesnt feel like it right now :(
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So Anyway...Quote # 17

"Send your loved ones flowers. Think of a reason later."

I'll never forget the first time I got a flower from my husband. It was my second day there (I had flown up to meet him). I went down for breakfast, and then when I went back up to the room to get some things together for a shower I spotted a purple rose on the bed. Purple is my favorite color. He woke up very early that day just to go out and find a flower shop who sold purple roses. Keep in mind this was a very bitter January. And underneath this purple rose lay the sweetest note. I still have the note, and the rose. I keep the rosebud in a little wooden box that Darren made when he was in school. I also keep the movie ticket from the first movie we saw together, Along Came Polly, in the same box. :)