July 21st, 2006

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Quote # 16

"Be the first to forgive."

Yesterday was interesting. I told Darren about the events that took place and now, as it stands, he is part of this community. Of course this struck some fear into me. I've said some nice things, but I've said some mean things, too. I don't want him reading some of the things I said, as I'm sure a lot of you wouldn't want your spouse reading some of the things you've said. He started to scroll down and I said, "Uhh, Darren? Can I tell you something?"
"Yes." he said.
"I said some...things..."
I was getting really nervous. I didn't want him to get upset with me. I mentioned how I called him a dick. No, I didn't tell this community he was a dick, but it was a thought I had in my mind at the moment. I didn't want to continue with the conversation because I was at a loss for words. "Can we go now?" I asked. We were going to a little restaurant here in town, and I figured maybe then I could explain some things to him.

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That's real sensitive. To post a question about work and competing priorties after you just degraded someone
for the way they live their life at the moment.

Why cant he just know what I need to hear?

I should be excited, I should really be packing. We’re leaving tomorrow for a week’s trekking around Cambodia. But I feel in a really grump ass mood. I don’t really know why it is that I feel like this but I know it’s mostly directed at Mark, not that he’s done anything wrong, but I guess he hasn’t exactly done anything right either.

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Big Wheel

Humiliation Upon Myself

A public apology, from a humiliated wife.

Dear Darren,

Did I cross the line? You came to know me by reading my journal. Do I get too personal? What IS too personal? Does it upset you that I posted your e-mail to me? Because if it does upset you, I will take it down. Maybe you should stay in the community so that I will be cautious of what goes in, and what stays out. Or maybe I should remove myself.

I never cared how people viewed my life. However, I care deeply how I portray you as my husband. It's always been easy for me to type out what was on my mind WITH explanation. Am I so wrong now? Have I hurt you, Love? I am so sorry, Darren. I feel like such an imbecile. I love you so much. I ADMIRE you and your strength to see what wrong fills our life. I appreciate all that you do for Landon and me. You're a hard working man--who wants only the best. I see that.

Do I need to change my approach? Do I just need to stop? I know you think I worry too much (and I do). I love when you tell me, "No worries. I'm going to take care of you." I feel secure with you. You ARE my security, and my strength. I trust you and those words because you have already proved your ability to provide. Who am I to speak against you to others? I should be more humble. I am sorry. I love you (the same).


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Umm.. yeah. I just wanted to say that I was not complaining about my lifestyle, and that I was really just saying that my I wanted my husband to be more loving and understanding. That's what it boiled down to. I think a ton of people misinterpreted that, and got angry and thought I was complaining about my life. I just want to say that was not the case at all.

That being said, I am thankful every day for my life. I KNOW it could be so much tougher than I have it, and I seriously admire every woman who is a wife, mother, student, employee, or any combination of those. I am so new at this marriage game, and am amazed at women who work and raise kids. I was in working and in school full-time, too, while I was in a long distance marriage with a husband in the navy. My life hasn't all been bubble baths and aprons. It hasn't been as bad as screaming kids, book reports, dirty socks on the floor, AND overtime, but everybody has different walks in life.

Some people were pretty rude to me, but I did not want or mean to start any drama. I like this community a lot, and the ladies in it. So I'm sorry about the drama.

I'm sorry I deleted my entry, but when I come home and have thirty messages in my e-mail box, pretty much a lot of them attacking me and my lifestyle for no reason, I got upset and deleted it before anyone else could say anything.

If you're totally clueless, and didn't see my original post, don't worry about it. XP
Hood Houndz

My introduction....

Your Name: Kim
Your Age: 40
Your Husband/Wife's Name: Dave
Wedding Cohabitation Date: June 8, 2005
How Did You Guys Meet?: Our dogs introduced us
Kids Ages & Names (If Any):I have two children a daughter 18 and a son 12.
City/State/Country: Ontario, Canada
The Best Thing About Being Married? Sharing my life with "the one".
The Worst Thing About Being Married? The amount of time we are forced to spend apart.
Anything else you'd like to share: Sharing my life with Dave is the most wonderful thing ever (aside from my children, of course!). He is a long haul truck driver, so our time together is always at a premium. It can be incredibly hard, and VERY lonely. But...I love him. I love spending time with him. He is my lover and my best friend.
Joan-Marie by moi

My newbie self...

Your Name: Joan-Marie
Your Age: 25
Your Husband's/Wife's Name: Peter (29)
Wedding Date: 8/23/2005
How Did You Guys Meet: We met when I was 13, regular neighborhood kids up to no good. Been together since I was 19.
Kids Ages & Names (If Any): Kaelyn Marie (5) & Kevin Joseph (3)
City/State/Country: New York City/New York/USA
The Best Thing About Being Married: The pressure is off,I know I don't have to spend time looking for that special someone because I already have him. And spending every day with him is so different know, once we were married it was as if I saw him through new eyes.
The Worst Thing About Being Married: For a strong personality like myself, sometimes realizing I have to compromise is hard. We've lived together for the last 5 years, but once we got married it seemed more serious.
Anything else you'd like to share: We got married in Las Vegas, at the Tropicana Resort. It was just fantastic! I have little bits and bobs I would change, but overall I loved the experience. It wasn't originally intended as a wedding trip, we had been engaged a little while already and were planning a vacation to Vegas anyway, and we said well why not? Let's do it! So many people talk about the Vegas wedding and don't do it. And it was a blast, people flew out for us, friends and family. We were shocked by how many wanted to be there with us when we finally tied the knot. We had a little reception in the steakhouse in the Tropicana, and the pastry chef created my cake for me, ALL with instructions over the phone! He was incredible, I felt so blessed that everything went so smoothly, which destination brides know can be stressful. But the Tropicana's wedding planner was great, and everything was just so relaxed and taken care of for me. It might not have been the biggest and best on the Strip, but they did all right by me.
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