"train says so." (parenthesized) wrote in _marriedlife_,
"train says so."

michelle & max.

Your Name: Michelle

Your Age:

Your Husband/Wife's Name:
He goes by Max. He's 33.

Wedding Date:
May 1, 2009. May Day. May-Day. It's the day that it rains the most in Nashville.

How Did You Guys Meet?:
We were both regulars at the same seedy watering hole, and I took his cute face home. He paused upon seeing my bookshelf, further inquiry proved we each had intelligent minds and interesting things to say. Two weeks later, we were engaged.

Kids Ages & Names (If Any):
No kids, but we have some fantastic hillbilly names picked out.

I'm from Washington State. He's Texan. We met and live in Nashville, TN.

The Best Thing About Being Married?
To a certain extent, security and comfort. Having a partner to work toward a common end. Company in bed. Potential to develop into something better. And I really do enjoy my husband's handsome face. (Also, we have awesome wedding rings.)

The Worst Thing About Being Married?
I wouldn't say the worst, but the hardest things would be: Negotiating the styles of fights we're each willing to have, owning up to the mistakes we make and the struggles we have, letting little things go.

Anything else you'd like to share:
Something else I wish I could figure out is how to resurrect those amazing just-met-cha feelings. The first year has had its hills and valleys, all I want to know is how to make love stay.

While we appreciate our differences, we also struggle with understanding motivation and work ethic. I'm an artist and he's a construction worker/truck driver. He's worked hard for everything he has and I've had a lot of help and schooling along the way. Not to say I haven't worked hard. I have.
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