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Your Name: Sara
Your Age: 27 (in about a week)
Your Husband's Name: DK
Wedding Date: 04/19/08

How Did You Guys Meet?: introduced by a mutual friend at a show in San Francisco while he was visiting from Indianapolis. He accidentally split his pants and was too embarrassed to talk to me! He moved out here a little less than a year later.

Kids Ages & Names (If Any): Mar, 11 months
City/State/Country: SF bay area, CA

The Best Thing About Being Married? knowing that any hardship you face, you face it together.
The Worst Thing About Being Married? the extra laundry. I reserve the right to change this answer once we have been married for a little longer.
Anything else you'd like to share: Our wedding was a surprise to me. We got our marriage license and I kept complaining about wedding planning (I wanted to get married right away but I LOATHE PLANNING), so he schemed up this perfect small wedding, got my mom and our best friends in on the action, wrote the vows, flew his family out, and got me there under the guise of my mom's "retirement party!" It was AWESOME...but he's never allowed to surprise me again. Nothing would ever live up to that, anyway.

us last xmas

him, with our daughter
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