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Welcome to Married Life!
Marriage is bliss?
Husband (20s/30s) wears cargo shorts/pants and button/collar shirts/t-shirts.

Wife (20s/30s) says to husband that he should dress more appropriately for his age: cut the cargo stuff, opting for straight or tapered angle pants and less trendy shoes.

What say you?
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Your Name: Kelley
Your Age: 31
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Your Name: Michelle

Your Age:

Your Husband/Wife's Name:
He goes by Max. He's 33.

Wedding Date:
May 1, 2009. May Day. May-Day. It's the day that it rains the most in Nashville.

How Did You Guys Meet?:
We were both regulars at the same seedy watering hole, and I took his cute face home. He paused upon seeing my bookshelf, further inquiry proved we each had intelligent minds and interesting things to say. Two weeks later, we were engaged.

Kids Ages & Names (If Any):
No kids, but we have some fantastic hillbilly names picked out.

I'm from Washington State. He's Texan. We met and live in Nashville, TN.

The Best Thing About Being Married?
To a certain extent, security and comfort. Having a partner to work toward a common end. Company in bed. Potential to develop into something better. And I really do enjoy my husband's handsome face. (Also, we have awesome wedding rings.)

The Worst Thing About Being Married?
I wouldn't say the worst, but the hardest things would be: Negotiating the styles of fights we're each willing to have, owning up to the mistakes we make and the struggles we have, letting little things go.

Anything else you'd like to share:
Something else I wish I could figure out is how to resurrect those amazing just-met-cha feelings. The first year has had its hills and valleys, all I want to know is how to make love stay.

While we appreciate our differences, we also struggle with understanding motivation and work ethic. I'm an artist and he's a construction worker/truck driver. He's worked hard for everything he has and I've had a lot of help and schooling along the way. Not to say I haven't worked hard. I have.
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When I was 10 years old, my parents seperated and my dad became roommates w/ another single dad. His roommate's kids were a girl 3 years younger than me and a boy 3 months younger than me. We all became fast friends, spending entire weekends together as we grew up, being together constantly, going on vacations together, etc. We were practically related.. like cousins or something.

Fast forward 10 years, and in a stupid moment, the "boy" who was recently seperated from his girlfriend and I kissed. No big deal - nothing more happened. They had seperated because she cheated on him. They got back together, he told her he had kissed me, and she forbade him from ever speaking to me again. When my father later died, he was not "allowed" to attend the funeral (although his father did). He did not speak to me for 6 years. They just seperated lsat month - and he immediately reached back out to me. (She cheated during the relationship apparently, as did he).

They got in a very heated conversation this evening while we were out talking**, and it got me to thinking:

-Does your spouse ask you not to speak to friends of the same sex? Are you "allowed" to be acquaintances with exes, people you may have once hooked up with but were generally friends with, etc?

My husband has NO issues with this guy, at all. Because to me, this guy was just one of my past best friends - practically family - from my childhood (other than our not speaking for 6 years.. douche). But to this guy's girlfriend, I am the spawn of satan. She is SO threatened by me that she didn't let him go to my dad's FUNERAL.

If your spouse was to "forbid" something like this, what would you do? Are my husband and I crazy for not having an issue with it ( he has past sexual partners I have no issue with, and vice versa, so this silly "kiss" from a kid I've known since childhood means nothing to him), or would this be  an issue in your relationship?

(**if you're interested in the drama, when she found out he was with me, she promptly sent him 10 texts in a row saying that she was going to go out and sleep with any man she could find, he could never see her child again, fuck him, he's an asshole, blah blah blah. I was stunned, considering I've never met this girl and wasn't just some random bar hookup.. and they're seperated and she's moving out of his house next Friday.)

ANYWAY, just curious.

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My husband and I have been married almost two years, and we are both in undergraduate programs. Since we are not the typical age for undergrads (I'm 28 and he's 34), we will have the difficult task of deciding when is the "least inconvenient" time to start a family. My husband will finish his BSc in Computer Science at the end of next year, however I have a full year (Psych major/Criminology minor) to go after that. He plans on getting a master's degree. I do as well, but because of the program I'm involved in, I pretty much have to get a Ph.D. before I can do anything worth while with my degree.

I'm wondering if any of you guys have had experiences with having children while in grad/PhD programs?

I know a few people who do this IRL, and I see quite a few families on campus, but I don't know any of them well enough to ask how they deal day to day. Ideally it would be awesome to wait to have kids until we are finished school completely, but I don't see that as realistic. Though I'm set on having kids in our lives no matter how we run across them (biological, adopted, fostered, being the cool aunt/uncle).

Also, as a side question... Is there anyone here who has a job where you deal with violent people? My main career goal involves either studying or dealing with violent offenders and I'm interested in how people deal with their work so it doesn't interfere with family life.

(Clearly this post is brought to you by "I want to do anything BUT study")

*edit* I want to thank all of you for the awesome comments! I will try to respond to all tomorrow. I didn't think I would get this much of a response!

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I'd love to see pictures of your and your spouse's halloween costumes if you had them, especially if you were "coordinating" costumes :)

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I saw some posts about husbands with clothes collecting problems and I thought I would share what I have been doing. In our closet we have a top rack (my clothing) and a bottom rack (his clothing). I push all the clothes I don't know if he wears to one side (right side) and all the clothes I know he wears to the other side (left side). When I put away the laundry it always goes to the left side. After a certain period of time I will get rid of the clothes on the right side if they are untouched. His pants are a little trickier because they are kept in a dresser. I tell him if they don't fit throw them in a certain corner of the room but he rarely does... usually they go into the clothes hamper to be washed over and over again. Clothes is a big annoyance issue because I seriously remember bothering my mom like this when I was a teenager and now I have to deal with my man doing this to me. Karma I guess. But what I really hate is that he has ten times more clothing than me and I feel like I'm swimming in clothing because it is everywhere! For me, I only keep 10 articles of clothing in the closet at a time. When I throw something out, I buy something new! But his side is jammed pack.

feel free to share your anti-clothes-hoarding tips within this post.
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Has your SO ever done something so incredibly dumb you couldn't help but just shake your head and smile? I just witnessed Joe Joe eat a 25-year-old piece of gum, just for the experience.

This man has two BAs by the way...
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Your Name: Sara
Your Age: 27 (in about a week)
Your Husband's Name: DK
Wedding Date: 04/19/08
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