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OKAY SO I HAD THIS REALLY RANDOM THING AT CAMP okay so me n my group were playing handball when another group comes to join us ....and ther was another cit girl there who was like 5 foot 2 and im 5 foot...so she walks up to me and is all HHAAHAHA MIDGET....and im like IM JUST AS TALL AS YOU!....with my hair.... shes like HAHAHA NOT WITHOUT UR HAIR!!! so in like a wierd way im like GRRRRRRRR and she yelps and hides behind her friend...so i start laughing hard....so she gets all mad and red so she slaps me...really hard...it hurt like a bitch! so i fall...and im still laughing...even harder... shes like STOP!!! so she kicks me in the stomach...so im like OOF and then i start laughing even harder...i can barely breathe....so shes like...infront of all the lil kids likke 6 year olds......YOU SUCK...and she kicks me in ze balls....that got me to stop laughing :-P then she walked away i was in excruciating (i think thats how you spell it) pain meanwhile while im writhing on the floor in pain the counselors dont do anything...lol then i saw her at the lil CIT meeting at the end of the day...and i start laughing again...and she gives me the evil eye :-P ooo next week will be FUN with her


if you actually read the entire entry...CONGRATULATIONS!!! im flattered that you care....

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