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           hi my name is Angelina i am 15 and i am proud to be apart of the panther pride band at westwood high i give my all to band. at the moment our band is going through a hard time we dont have a band director the first we had got pregnant and decided to stay home with her kid the other one we had whom i miss was so kool he had family promblems so he had to quit then we had another one but all he did was sit on his butt and was huge so we called him cookie monster. we got him fired now we are directorless and most of the band is giving their all there are a few who don't seem to feel it they don't want to embaress themselves but we are still going to competition we did almost EVERYTHING by ourselves with the help of band parents yay!!!  so yea i am PROUD TO BE A BAND GEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
1. What instrument Do You Play? i play the clarinet have been for going on to my 5th year but i play bass clarinet for concert season
2. What Bands Are You In? (if Any) well i am apart of the panther pride band in my skool and that is about i don't have to guts yet to try out for any other bands but i do wanna learn brass so i can join DCI i wanna do that so bad lol
3. Are you A Band Geek? no i am not a band geek but yet we don't have a band director and i am still full band all the time and we are still going to competition lol wut do you think? lol i absolutely love band
4. If So, Why? because i get to create music rather than listen to it i get to march and i get to be who i am and do wut i love i love to pick up and instrument and make it sound wonderful or when i pick up a picole horrible lol j/p lol


Heylo there. I'm Sydney, I'm 13, and I'm from good ol' Maine =]In response to them there questions:

1. What instrument Do You Play?
I play....well anything you want me too, really. I can play a B flat concert scale on pretty much any instrument....but mostly I play brass. Mellophone in marching band, french horn in concert band.

2. What Bands Are You In? (if Any)
I'm in my high school marching band. My school is Edward Little High School, and we're the Red Eddies marching band lol. Which is strange for two reasons. Our school color is maroon, not red. Also, nobody really knows what an Eddie is, but our mascot is one. I think it's Edward Little. Who's dead. And that's more than a little creepy. Lol, off topic. Anyway I also plan to join the Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps in November.

3. Are you A Band Geek?
Heck yes I am. HardxCore band geek.

4. If So, Why? don't know, band is my life, my homepage is feel like my life would be barren without band...good stuff. Yeah that's why I suppose.
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WICKED 06!!!!!


love you all

are u ready for marching season this year?!?!?

i am so excited. were going to rock beyond all reason.

cant wait, my dears.

cant wait.
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me & sasha

next season's starting...WOOOOO!!!

Hey everyone, So yeah I am sooo excited for this up coming marching season. We are doing WICKED!!!! and.. and.... I'M DRUM MAJOR! This next year is going to be increadible, i just cant wait. So yeah, which competitions is everyone going to next year? I'll put the list up at some point when I am home and i have the list with me.
oeace out... much luv
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Holy crap haven't posted in here in like...forever >>;;

Anyway Marching season is starting up again *dances* so I'm very happy about that ^^ gonna be a senoir w00t!! But it's so exciting because we get to go to Indy which means...Grand Nationals this year!!! I'm so freaking excited!! is anyone else going to be going? Tell me so I can cheer for ya ^^

The one thing that gets me though is the name of our show...XD it's called 'Dot to Dot' and it has music from pee wee know the one that goes Connect the dots...La La LaLa

anyway it's going to be an exciting...and amusing year!!! ^^
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Vegas Baby!

haha, our band trip to Vegas was great. We took silver at our competition-pretty good. We Also Got a spirit award...we kind of laughed at that. Anyways all in all it was fun!!!
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