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Marauders Map

A Marauders Era RPG

Marauders' Era RPG
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So you thought the Weasley twins made Hogwarts just that little bit more colourful? Well, the truth is that Hogwarts was never as shiny and filled with chaos as when the Marauders ruled the school.

Taking a step back in time to 1976 when the Marauders were in 6th year and those who would become Death Eaters and the first Order were still taking exams and fighting school battles.

Houses, essays, detentions (rather a lot of them if you have any kind of Marauder blood in you) and all the day-to-day craziness of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; marauders_map_ RPG is open to everyone who wants an easy going but involved RPG.

Fill in an application [see link below] and send it us! We’ll consider every single one sent and accept most.

All we ask for is players who are actually interested in playing and want to be active, involved and eventually obsessed. There are a few rules [see link below] but not millions and basically we're more concerned with everyone just having a good time!

Information and General Rules!

MM's communities

MM RULES GUYS!! Welcome to the madness!

--Mod: playful_padfoot
--Co-modling: werewolf_dreams

((Slash –the pairing of two characters of the same sex- does exist in this RP. If you are uncomfortable with this please reconsider your application. This RP can run on a high rating at times so be aware of that!))