In Shock

Lookie. I had a spare moment.

[Backdate this to...however long ago. Since I'm being absent alot I'm just giving Becks some sort of flu/fever/cold for a couple of weeks. Yay.]

Who: Becks, Pomfrey, Anyone
When: Some time ago.
Where: Hospital Wing
What: Bring gifts. And love. <3 Haha. And a cure! Whee!

Celestina Warbeck realized something was wrong minutes before she fainted in the middle of a Transfiguration class. I mean, the subject wasn't that horrendous. But she hadn't eaten much-she felt like she'd choke out her bowels any moment if she did. Her head was pounding and she felt freezing-yet everyone said she looked red and feverish. She had the most impecable timing, tests coming up and she had to get sick. Well, so she fainted, and now she wakes up to find herself (quite unhappily) in the Hospital Wing.

Becks sighed animatedly and snuggled against the pillow. God damned sickness. Madame Pomfrey came over to give her some nasty sort of potion and Becks was sure live snakes were now hatching in her stomach. Naturally she threw up-but only felt worse after. So she lay back against her pillow and pondered an escape plan to get rid of the damn cold/flu whatever it was.
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Open to any gryffies <3
Where: Common room

Lily had gotten better about falling asleep over her work in the common room.  It hadn’t happened in a long time, but every once in awhile it still happened.   Especially when there was a test coming up, which was the case this evening.  Lily was sitting on the floor hunched over the small table in front of the couch resting her head on all of her notes sleeping. 


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Who- Remus and Jamie
Where- Random classroom
When- A week before ''the prank''


Remus tipped his head back and felt his face burn with colour as a little noise escaped his throat and his hips moved forward as though of their own accord.

"Jamie," he breathed, closing his eyes tight as strong fingers wrapped slightly around his slim hips and pushed gently backwards until Remus' backside hit the wall behind him.

This was so good. So good that it actually confused Remus; someone so unused to people wanting them, unused to being the attractive one, or at least made to feel like it suddenly being made to feel good for nothing in return but the same affection.

But there was a problem beneath it, a problem Remus could feel growing more and more with every passing day that the relationship continued.

"Yeah?" Jamie's voice, ever so slightly rough but deep and rich as varnished wood.

Remus just shook his head and felt his muscles melt into the wall behind him.


But there was something, no matter how far to the back of his mind Remus could manage to push the thought, he couldn't help but picture Jamie's hair as black, couldn't help but see silver eyes occasionally in place of green and that thought, though not often, was frightening. Really frightening...
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Sorry I've not been around much, everyone! Everything's ever so slightly manic now, should calm down by the weekend.

Who: James & Lily
Where: The grounds
What: They have actual conversation (of a sort). Miracles will never cease.

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