James Potter (prongs_78) wrote in _marauders_map,
James Potter

From a while back

When: A bit after that Gryffindor Christmas party (magically transposed to Seventh Year...)
Where: The common room
What: James and Lily. Finally.

Lily walked down the stairs from the girls’ dorm with a massive headache. Not to mention it was a little after noon. It was almost as if she had a hangover but she didn't remember drinking. She went over and slumped down on the couch and sighed.

James had been awake for some time, just lying in bed and going over the previous night again and again. Half thrilled, half terrified, he eventually crept downstairs after the others had long since gone. Ah, there she was. He hovered in the doorway for a moment.

Lily rested her head in her hands. She'd do anything for a head ache potion right about now. "What happened last night?" she muttered to herself

James decided he should start making up for things right away, sending a quick healing charm in her direction as he walked in. "Morning," he tried to say cheerfully.

Lily looked up surprised. Headache was gone. "Morning... what you do?" she asked a bit suspicious. How'd he know she had a headache? This was all so confusing.

James grinned. "Bit worse for wear, are you?"

No" she protested at first. "Well yeah, but I have no idea why. I don't remember drinking." She eyed him suspiciously, but dismissed any ideas. What could of he possibly done? Force a drink down her throat?

"Really? Do you remember anything of last night?" James frowned, suddenly worried.

“Mmm, I remember turning down your offer for a drink, then talking to Remus and then it just get a bit hazy..." She sighed. "I remember I had fun," she said with a laugh

"Yes, well, you certainly seemed to." James tugged at his hair reflexively.

Lily turned to James worried. "Oh Merlin. You were there and you remember. Oh God... I didn't do anything stupid did I?"

“Not stupid, no. Do you really not remember? Come on, try."

Lily closed her eyes thinking. She was talking to James about something...and then she went after Sirius for some reason and there was... mistletoe. Her eye flew up in a flash. "Please please please tell me I didn't kiss Sirius. Oh I must of been so drunk... going after sirius when he had that stupid mistletoe following him."

James laughed. "I said you didn't do anything stupid, don't worry! You did try to steal the mistletoe, though, not that he let you."

“I tried to steal his mistletoe? Why on earth would I try to -" Lily shut up really quickly looking really worried. Okay so she had been fighting with the fact that she might possibly like James for the past, oh lets say three weeks. Oh this could be bad... really bad. "But he didn't give it to me right? That's good."

"It, err, didn't stop you. You--- I-- we--, well, you know. Um. You." He waved his arms around helplessly, hoping the ground might spontaneously swallow him.

Lily's face just about drained of all colour. "I didn't!" The look on his face told her she did. "Oh dear... um I..." she stood up and started to pace. "I.. I.. Oh dear." she ran her hand threw her hair. She glanced at him quickly then looked away blushing ever so slightly. This was so not good.

"Look-- I'm sorry, about last night. It probably wasn't very fair. But I've told you so many times, I-- well, anyway. Did you mean it?"

Lily spun to face him "Did I mean what? Did I say stuff too?" Oh God she was so not ready for this. So not ready to admit what she thought she felt. Hell she wasn't even sure what she felt. "I-i-i "

Spurred on by a sudden hope, James walked up to her. "If you asked me right now, I'd never try it on with you again, I promise. But if there's a chance, any chance at all..." James looked straight at her.

“Look.. I-I don't know... this is all so utterly confusing." Lily stuttered out. "You have to tell me what I said... I mean… oh God I was so drunk I probably said things I wasn't ready to say..." Lily paled a bit. Oh shit. She shouldn't have said that either. "Dammit Potter, why do have to get me so damn flustered"

James smiled. "You need to stop worrying so much." He reached out for her, then gently kissed her.

Lily froze when he kissed her. That in itself made her stop thinking about everything. She kissed him back a bit before pulling away. "Um.. I.. well.. yea.." since when could she not make a full sentence.

James found himself going red. "Sorry, that was... Well."

"No... it was ok..." Lily said very quietly. "I... I didn't mind..."

“Then, I ask this for the final time ever. Lily, go out with me?" James flinched nervously.

Lily smiled a bit. "Yeah, alright. But only because you’rw so damn persistent." She smirked a bit.

James blinked. "Wait, really?"

"No. I’m just kidding." Lily said trying oh so hard to keep a straight face. But then James looked so very sad. "Oh I was just kidding. Of course really."

"You are evil!" James looked impressed. "So, 59th times the charm, eh?"

"I am not." Lily said sticking out her tongue. "And you actually counted?"

"No, course not! Just a guess..." he looked shifty.

“Liar! no one just guesses 59, you so counted." Lily said with a laugh. But in a way it was so adorable that he counted. "Have you counted how many times I've slapped you?"

James pulled a martyred face. "No, it's all just a blur of pain."

"Aww. But I won't say you didn't deseverve them. Because most of them... yea you did." She kissed his cheek. "There, all better." she said with a laugh.

“All very improving, I'm sure." James smiled. "And yes, that does make up for it, actually."

Lily grinned and rocked on her heels a bit. See this wasn't all so bad. In fact it was rather nice. "Well now what?" she said with a laugh.

James' eyes widened. "I honestly have no idea. I never thought this far ahead!"

Lily just laughed out right. "Well you have some thinking to do. I expect this to be the best date I've ever been on. You have been asking me for years. I think I deserve it," she said half joking.

James raised an eyebrow. "Just as well I'm amazing then, isn't it? It shall be spectacular, even if I haven't thought of it yet."

"Oh... that ego is slipping out." Lily said with a small smirk. "It's been hiding so well this year too."

“It can only be contained for so long!" He laughed. "Right, I'm going to leave you alone now." He started to walk away, then paused, looking back at her. "Are you really sure?"

"James Potter if you ask me that one more time I just might change my mind. You really shouldn't give me so many chances to do that."

"Ok, ok. Leaving now." Beaming in a way not really befitting a seventh year, James practically skipped out of the common room.
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