Lily Evans (mystical_red) wrote in _marauders_map,
Lily Evans

Who: Lily, Severus. Sirius
Where: Potions
When: ?

Severus catapulted the radish that Sirius had ‘accidentally’ dropped into his cauldron, "You did that on purpose!" his potion was ruined, and Black was to blame


Sirius raised an eyebrow and turned in his seat when he heard Snape yelling at him. "Did what on purpose? I don't speak vagueness, sorry."


"Look you little asswipe!" Severus stood, grinding his teeth as he walked over to the Gryffindor table, despite being disowned, Sirius was still usually treated like royalty to his peers – Severus could care less "You think it’s funny to have me fail? Hm? Because some of us have to work for a living, and not have the world bow at our feet like some pompous jerk-off?!"


Sirius put down his knife he was using to chop ingredients and couldn't help from chuckle. "Pompous original, Snape. But honestly, why would I care whether you fail or not?"


"You wouldn’t" Severus sneered, "you’d just it just because you can"


Lily was working quite contently on her potion when she heard vague yelling in the classroom. She tried to ignore it, not wanting to mess up her own potion due to neglect. but when Snape walked over to their table it became quite hard to ignore. Him and SIrius were going at it once again. Getting annoyed because their argument was distracting her from her own work she looked up at the two.


"Black, grow up." She said first, then turned to Severus. "Are you sure there is nothing you can do to fix it? I mean, if not, I’m sure you have time to start again, you always tend to finish early anyways." She commented in a much politer tone.


Sirius huffed and held up his hands in innocence before casting a quick charm over his cauldron...just in case Snape tried to ruin his own potion. Not that he deserved it...


"I’m telling you Black" Severus threatened, "one of these days, all of your little … amusements will come back, and you’ll get what’s coming to you"


"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Sirius rolled his eyes and picked up his knife again. "Revenge, all that rubbish, got it."


Severus however smirked, -idiot-



Lily glanced up from her potion again, raising a brow at the two. It was all rather distracting and annoying. She sighed. Was it too much to ask for one Potions Lesson with out a fight or some other sort of disturbance.


Severus went back to his table and was forced to dump the contents of his cauldron. He didn’t have time to do it over. He was forced to take a zero for the day, and just left class early


Sirius had been about to say something else to Snape when he finally left the table and went back to muck up what was left of his potion. Ah, what a shame...oh well.


"You're a real git, you know that right?" Lily said as she bottled up her finished potion and walked up to Slughorn's desk.


"Oh come on..." Sirius rolled his eyes as he finished up his own potion. "I didn't do anything wrong."


Lily just snorted. "Right. Completely innocent."


"Mostly, yes." Sirius nodded and bottled up his potion.


"Uh huh." Lily said not believing him one bit. She finished packing up her stuff and turned to leave.


"It's true." Sirius said again as he got up and handed in his potion. He returned to gather his things and get out of there.


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