sev_halfblood (sev_halfblood) wrote in _marauders_map,

Who: Lily, Severus
Where: school prefect patrol
When: sometime :p

Lily was walking down the halls patroling with Severus. She was humming to herself softly. She hadn't talked much, which was different cause she usually always tried to make polite conversation on patrols, but today she just hummed a chipper tune.

To counter Lily’s bright attitude, Severus was exceptionally glum. The thin skin of his eyelids were slightly purple-grey in contrast to his pale skin – that was to say, he looked like he did at all times, strange, if even a little sickly. He seethed in silence, he did not see why Lily had to be so happy. And he’d rip out his own eyes before he let himself believe her happiness was due to that arrogant bastard Potter

"Mmm, How was your Holidays?" Lily asked smiling looking in his direction.

“Quite.” Severus said simply, making it clear that he would prefer it to stay that way

Lily frowned slightly. Well wasn't he in a oh so chipper mood. But then again it wasn't like it was unusual. "Well thats just lovely."

“It was.”

"My break was rather nice too." Lily commented, even though he didn't ask. "But it's nice to be back, gets a bit boring after a while."

“I would think by now you would have found ways to entertain yourself that are not dependant upon the presents of others.”

"I'm not depentdant on others." Lily said slightly insulted. "But I do enjoy social interaction every once and a while. Being alone all the time isn't for me."

Being alone wasn’t necessarily easy for Severus either, it was just easier to push people away then become invested in them. This was made clear by his continued silence.

Lily frowned and walked in silence next to him. You couldn't say she didn't try. She always tried to be nice to him but it never seemed to matter much. At least they were almost done patroling.

Severus just kept his head down – it wasn’t due to shame, he was just always thinking, and staring at the stone floor seemed to help organize his thoughts into similar rows and blocks that arranged together perfectly, solid as any stone floor. Then at last they ended up back where they had begun, before the door to the great hall. Severus looked up with a deep sigh, but with some sincerity he spoke first, “Good night Evans” it wasn’t just polite conversation, formalities being addressed. He too, tired.

"G'Night Severus." Lily said politely as she headed towards her common room.
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