James Potter (prongs_78) wrote in _marauders_map,
James Potter

Who: James & Lily
Where: Common Room
What: Are they *gasp* actually making friends?

Lily was sitting at a table working on a transfiguration essay, She sighed and hit her head on the table gently. She just couldn't seem to find the right wording. Or answers. Or anything.

James was practicing charms, a bit absent-mindedly. He sent cushions flying back and forth around one corner of the common room, not really paying attention to what he was doing. Too late, he realised he'd sent one flying straight for Lily, and winced in anticipation. For once, that really hadn't been intentional.

Lily sat up to start writing yet again when she was smacked in the back of the head with a pillow. She spun in her chair to see who the culprit was. "Potter! What is your problem? You're such a -" the insult died on her lips. "Never mind." She turned back to her essay.

James frowned at the anti-climax. "Sorry, Lily!" he called. "Honest mistake." He quickly Summoned the pillow back, then twirled his wand uselessly, mind completely gone from spell practice now.

"Right... You play Quidditch… hard to believe that your aim would be off," she muttered rather loudly.

James groaned, and started talking to the wall. "Because it is all about you, you're so right."

Lily turned around in her chair once again, "You know what. I don't get you. You’re nice one night and then the next day you’re yelling at me acting like a git all over again."

James wished he could Apparate far, far away from here, but he turned around. "You started it. Look, maybe I overreacted - I'm sorry. Not that I want to get you any more angry at me, but I might have said the same thing about you, that's all."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Lily said, not noticing the younger years that were studying were now watching them. "If you're talking about that little row I had with Sirius? Oh please... that’s not a big deal."

"Ok, ok." James held up his hands in surrender, feeling like an idiot. "I really don't want to fight with you." In horror, he suddenly noticed a couple of second years staring at them. "And what the hell are you looking at?" he snapped.

"James!" Lily stalled looking between the second years and him. She stood up and walked over to him. "Come on." She gestured for him to follow him. She rolled her eyes when he gave her a questioning look. "I'm not going to hex you or anything. Just want to leave the common room so people will stop staring." She gave the kids a look.

James meekly followed her out.

"You act like I'm going to hit you." She turned to face him. "So what’s your problem? You've been snapping at everyone lately.'

James raised his eyebrows. "No, I haven't actually. What gave you that idea?"

"You have too. Those second years were just looking at us you didn't have to yell at them when you’re obviously mad at me." That had to be it. He had been all moody when ever she was around lately, he had to be mad at her.

"Oh come on, if you weren't a prefect you'd have had a go at them too. And I'm trying to stop being angry with you, if you'd just let me already!" James felt somewhat confused.

"Well I don't want you to be mad me. I'm trying to be nice but now matter what I seem to piss you off some how."

James started laughing. "Then what on earth are we talking about? I'm trying to be nice, you're trying to be nice, everything's fine, isn't it? I'll apologise again if it helps, much as you know that normally pains me."

Lily pursed her lips a bit then smiled. "I should have know getting along with you was going to be difficult." She laughed a bit.

"If something's not difficult, it's not worth doing!" James grinned. "So, err, are we ok?"

"Yeah... I suppose," she grinned. "That is until the next time we piss each other off." She paused for a second. "Up for a snack?"

"Ah ha, I've got you hooked!" James held out his hand. "Friends?"

Lily shook his hand. "Friends."
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